The Natural Way

Jeane: I’m frustrated because I had a really interesting dream with a side part to it, but the side part became so loud that I only remembered that part and not the rest of the dream.

In this part I have a relationship with a bank – it’s a special bank. I go into a courtyard where there are hot springs or Jacuzzis, and then enter into the bank. I get very personal attention – from a vice president and other staff there – so it’s not a typical bank.

I’m there because we’re moving. The bank official tells me that they have a branch just like this one where we’re moving, and I want to learn more about that.

Then you come along and discover that I know this bank. I’m blasé about it – it is what it is – but you’re excited because you’ve always looked for a bank like this and now you know where it is. That’s the whole part.

John: One aspect of our recent dreams has to do with searching for something. And the aspect of searching is a type of recognition, in terms of looking for, and making allowance for, what is meant to be.

Generally, searching is a way to make something understandable. In terms of inner guidance, it’s probably best if we don’t try to nail it down, i.e., make it understandable, but instead just carry it and feel it in our bones. It’s human nature, though, to try to define the unknown as a means of feeling safer.

If we don’t keep getting mired in the details we can settle back and let what’s meant to be revealed, be naturally revealed. That’s the way it works in every little thing when it comes to an inner-into-outer process.

When listening to a spiritual teacher talk, for example, if we learn to hold the space and listen properly, we’ll always get an answer. We don’t have to ask questions out loud, the answers will just come. When we do asks questions, we often create our own resistance to hearing the answer.

However, sometimes the asking of the question is significant in terms of facilitating a relationship to the outer, or to the scenario that’s at play. That has more to do with the external dynamic of the others present, because when we ask a question we generally limit it for ourselves in terms of already having created some sort of flip side to it.

Well, that’s the same thing with everything that happens in life. When we suddenly discover something that has a newness about it, it can bring things together in a way that completes, or that establishes a wholeness that was missing, or that eliminates a struggle, or that reveals how something needs to be done or should be done.

It will just come to us. When it comes like that there is a huge feeling of relief. It comes in a way that feels very easy, very comfortable, very clear, and very understandable, as if “How could it be otherwise?” When we still search to find the next place we need to be, there are always variables that seem out of place, or that feel out of alignment. In other words, it means we’re still not quite attuned to the situation.

As a human being, we come into this life and have to contend with this process, because as physical beings we’ll never be perfect or complete – only energies can be complete. There is a price of admission. That price is the struggle to elevate ourselves from ego-based, physical beings, into spiritually connected, universal beings. We do this by bouncing off this outer-world, waking life and learning and refining as we go. In doing this, we work ourselves into a position where we belong, where we’re meant to be, where our time and place is, as individuals connected to the wholeness.

That’s when everything makes sense and everything comes together. It’s the beginning of all kinds of meaningful coincidences, because we’re no longer adrift. We’re hearing, or are keyed into, how we need to be to be free again, within this physical life.

So your dream showed an image of a bank, and a bank has to do with supporting things within the larger functioning structure. So it’s like you have found yourself connected to a greater network – it’s a special bank where you are treated well and they have branches where you need them.

So this is not a solution where you have to “make do,” for everything to work out. What you saw fit hand-in-glove with what you needed and covered a much bigger range, including an area where you had some concern.

That imagery shows you that something is opening up, in a way that’s in keeping with the way you were designed – a natural way.

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