Calm in the Chaos

John: I thought to continue with your intriguing dream from yesterday (see The Shift).

On a dream level, you see all this chaos going on around you. But, on a feeling level, you’re okay with it. That’s important to recognize. You’re just making note of everything.

You’ve kept this chaos at a certain distance (the house was given to “me” and the chaos is from “my family”), because part of you isn’t fully admitting that it’s you: you’ve pushed it off so it’s one step removed.

So this extended family shows up and it represents a type of access that comes from many sources. None of it is making much sense to you, but that’s okay. You somehow go along with everything in its state of disarray. What this is depicting is an “other side” state of being, where you aren’t relating in the conventional, purely physical, human being way of doing things. You’ve opened up something greater.

So you can’t relate to it in the old way anymore, and you have to be comfortable with that. New access is coming in and you need to be comfortable in the uncomfortability. And, ultimately it becomes funny, in a humorous way, which is only possible because you feel okay with it – the chaos isn’t stressing you out.

Not feeling stressed out tells you that there’s another part in you that knows something. This part is aware that something has been given, although you don’t quite acknowledge that it’s passing through you. You’re aware of the person who gives it – your mother’s mother – but you don’t see it as being given directly to you.

That separation is what causes the chaos to erupt. You see it as being given to something that’s separate from you, and so rather than being completely integrated, it becomes a seed coming through that you have to come to terms with. Part of the journey of a spiritual practice is to get to a point where something can open up inside you and you can be used by the universe in some fashion. In your way of opening up, it’s easier for you if it’s given to someone else; that makes it more palatable.

In fact, it’s not just palatable, it’s acceptable. If it were given to you more directly, it might have caused even greater chaos. What’s amazing about this dream is that no matter how much chaos is happening, you’re okay with it all. From the standpoint of average human rationality, you would probably have issues and feel stressed, but you don’t.

Your container presence (feminine) is important in helping what’s meant to unfold. You are able to hold the whole scenario and discern what’s important and what isn’t. You know when to put out a fire, and when to accept a fire. You have a sense, or a feeling in your bones, about it and it has come from the preparation in the first shift, where you were given your mother’s house. That has prepared you for handling this greater unfolding.

In other words, you know how to laugh at it and how to help it all come together. So, as bizarre as your dream might sound, it’s really not bizarre at all.

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