The Fairy Tale

John: I find myself in a small town in the middle of nowhere. There’s a rainstorm and it has drenched me to a point where I’ve taken on three bucketfuls of water, which are weighing me down.

What’s amazing is that these three buckets of water have affected my natural way of being with something else that I can feel in my bones. As in your dream (see The Shift) where you were first given one house as a preparation for another shift, here the buckets of water serve the same purpose for me.

Something needs to be recognized by me, and the drenching has triggered the idea that there’s someone that I’m supposed to find. I don’t know this person, but somehow I know their name.

This person, who is older, has a treasure that they have carried alone, but it’s now going to be made known to me. However, things had to happen first, in order for me to end up in this small town.

Before I got to town, I was on a boat. I’m sitting, casually thinking everything’s okay, when all of a sudden in the distance I see a hillside slide away. A moment later another hillside slides away. The passengers on the boat find it fascinating that they’re observing a volcano about to erupt, and it’s just happening out of the blue.  

I’m not so comfortable because we’re pretty darn close to this volcano, even though it hasn’t really erupted yet. Finally it does explode, spewing rock and ash into the air. 

At first it falls some distance away, but eventually some of the rock comes down and hits the boat. I’m amazed that we don’t sink, because these are big chunks of rock that have exploded and come down. But it does compromise the boat, which is more like a barge.

People can see the rocks coming and have time to step out of the way as they hit just a portion of the boat. So the boat goes to the shore and it’s on the shoreline that I come across this isolated town. It’s raining and now I’m no longer dealing with the ash – I’m in a desert-like area.

I have to pass through this town because I feel that all this disruption has brought me here for a reason. I don’t really see or note anyone in the town because it’s raining hard and pretty dreary.

Then I follow along a trail that parallels some railroad tracks. I continue on, as if I’m really going somewhere, even though deep down I think this town is too isolated. I could walk forever and not find another town. Yet I still feel that this is what I must do; there is someone I must meet.

I know his last name. I know that the rain has reduced me in a way so I now have a nature more compatible to this person. There is a secret or a connection that this person carries that is like a wealth that I’m meant to take responsibility for. 

That feeling sense is good enough, even though my rational side thinks this makes no sense. I have to let go of my security, whatever that is, because in this little town there’s not much to be had for security. I don’t even recall ever seeing anyone else because it’s rained so hard.

Suddenly it’s dark and it’s hard to know where I am. Yet I come underneath something, and “lo and behold,” I find myself in an inner courtyard area of a house, out in the middle of nowhere.

I’m able to climb up on a wall and peek in a window. The first thing I notice is that I’m looking in the kitchen and there’s a young woman cooking. That feels okay, even though I’m looking for an older man.

I don’t want to alarm her, though, because it’s so isolated here. It’s a good thing she doesn’t see me looking in the window. I have to figure out how to make my presence known more naturally. I have the feeling that the person I seek must be here; maybe it’s her father.

I settle back. I must figure out how to make her acquaintance and explain how I came to be here.

I have to do this as a natural transition, given the circumstances. I know that something will shine through if I find an easier way to make myself known. It must be done in a way that I fit in.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the information being shown through this fairy-tale like story.

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