In the Right Place

John: This interesting dream (see The Fairy Tale) is portraying how I have been tossed out of the “normal” flow – which I’d gotten used to – because conditions in the world have changed. I have been affected by this explosive transition (volcano) in life, which has caused me to embark on a new journey to discover where, and how, I’m now meant to be.

All I have to go on is this sense that I have been shaped for what lies ahead. I can feel in my bones an exhilaration that is related to what I must find. It’s like a treasure that will be entrusted to me, while I’m in an area that’s isolated, rain drenched, and dark.

However, I know that somehow, this is where I’m meant find what it is that I need. It feels like I’m going to reunite with it, even though the man I’m seeking is not a person I’ve ever met.

None of this makes any sense to me in the dream, except that I’m meant to go on an isolated journey, through which I’ll find a person I’m meant to find. All I really have to go on is that it feels okay.

Deep within I know this person’s name, even though we’re total strangers. I also know that he’s much older and he’s meant to entrust to me something that he has carried in a very solitary way for a long time.

Your dream about the houses was actually very similar in intent (see The Shift). My dream has the details of things because the masculine reaches an awakening as if it gets impulses from somewhere. The feminine reaches an awakening when she takes on an overall presence in a space, as a container, that she’s charged with. The masculine can feel that too, but the feminine is more inclined to notice it in a container way.

This dream is similar to one of my very early dreams in which I also pass through an isolated town (in other words, I had a bravado that others didn’t have). In that dream, I went as far as I could possibly go, following along power lines, until I reached the most remote point. From there I had to proceed out into the desert through my sense of feel. I didn’t know where I was going other than knowing that something would turn me around when it needed to turn me around.

I proceeded away from all civilization, into the desert, with nothing tangible on which to make a decision or to know how to get myself out of there. It seemed, for all intents and purposes, as though I was purposely getting lost. Still, I felt okay with it because I knew that there was something more.

At some point I could sense it was time to return. I turned around, not even knowing to what I was returning. Slowly the dream ends as I see in the distance the first sign of civilization (a house or something) as I work my way back.

That was how that early dream was a long, long time ago. I never forgot it. It was based on a conviction and sense of inner trust. Now it’s evolved into something different, yet it still has the same quality to it.

So here we find ourselves, in our waking life, making a significant move to Las Vegas – to the desert. And our dreams are showing us making these dramatic shifts, in a way that is preparing us for the next thing, even though the next thing is fundamentally unknown to us. The best part is, we can feel okay with the unknown because we both have a sense that this is right and everything will work out.

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