Integrating the Masculine

Jeane: After my dream fragment from yesterday (see Is That All?), I finally fell back to sleep and had another series of dreams. I can’t seem to pull out what feels like the main dream, only the last dream – it’s very frustrating.

John: That’s okay – that’s been happening lately.

Jeane: So in this last dream I with a young woman. She’s going to try out for a job somewhere similar to a strip club; the women there are all tall and they wear really skimpy outfits. There’s just a tiny piece of cloth that covers their breasts and a tiny bottom, and men come and take pictures of them. It’s a job.

So, this woman shows up at the club and she’s told she has to speak with a man and he will decide whether she gets the job or not. She goes to see him dressed like the other girls in one of these little skimpy outfits. He looks at her and he tells her to come back tomorrow and she has the job.

Well, I decide I want a job, too, but I go down to this man and I’m wearing long pants and I’m more covered top. He tells me to come back tomorrow and he’ll see. I realize that in order to get a job, I’ll actually have to put on an outfit like everyone else is wearing.  

I find a tiny bra and a little patch to wear and I go down to where the girls dress, but then I look at what I picked out and it’s not going to really fit – it’s too small.

There are two girls sitting in the dressing room. They look around the corner and I tell them that I need a job and they offer to help me put an outfit together.

Suddenly I shift to another image of penguins. These penguins are taller and thinner than a real penguin and they’re all one color. They were either all white or all black. That’s the end of the dream.

John: Well it’s interesting in how it fits with the earlier dream. We all have certain associations that we put on things that act like psychological filters. Here the masculine and feminine energies have been filtered through the cultural ideas regarding sexuality. You have to filter it through to make a claim to what is revealed – it’s part of a mystery in life that you carry inside.

In your first dream, the energies were touching you through the seed-thoughts of the masculine; it needed that aspect or you would crack up (the accident scene). In this dream there are strange stigmas and attitudes about needing to be more open (not shy in the dream imagery), that is required for you to be able to flow in this particular scenario.

At the same time, it’s easy to view what you’re doing – your effort to connect to a flow, i.e., get a job – as a little perverse. That would be a black-and-white view (represented by the penguins) in terms of standard social mores. However, when you put it together with the first dream, it’s a quality, carried by you, through which something is given to the masculine. You do this as a way to keep everything functioning and flowing together.

If you don’t do that, you emasculate the masculine because you’re not giving it something it needs, i.e., you’d be leaving it incomplete (like the accident scene). Again, this is not about the sexuality itself, that’s just the imagery that can impart the essence of the message.

This inner act comes from the beauty of the feminine and a quality that it carries in a complete way. The feminine is opening up to offer the masculine what it needs to integrate into this new flow, all as a way of expanding the wholeness of you.

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