Something Revealing

John: In yesterday’s dream (see Integrating the Masculine), we saw how an aspect of sexuality (women wearing skimpy clothes for men in a club) was used to express a much deeper concept – that of kundalini energy. I wanted to delve a little deeper into what that might point us toward.

In our cultural lives, we tend to see the manifestation of the kundalini as a sexual energy, and at the lowest level of its understanding it is related to the sexual center. But it’s also associated with the procreative force in all Creation. So it has an energetic aspect that is the highest one of all.

Kundalini is often understood as being 1/3rd on this side (meaning in us), and 2/3rds on the other side (connected to Creation and the universal energies). The 1/3rd in us has a linkage to the 2/3rds of Creation as a means to usher in new birth to the human, not only in the physical realms as a newborn baby, but as a rebirth of an individual into the spiritual realms where the human can become a co-creator in universal terms.

Yet, as a society, we get caught up in purely physical aspects, applying moral codes to sexuality, and tend to disregard the fact that our sexuality is a doorway that also connects us to something really phenomenal and magical in terms of the whole process of Creation.

In this sense, the human can participate in the continuation of the unfolding universe not just in terms of continuing the species, but in continuing the energetic evolution of everything. The universe isn’t something that’s just been set in motion, is having its moment, and then will die or fade away – it’s designed to grow, evolve, and continue to unfold.

We have only a minute understanding of the 1/3rd we have inside us, yet when it’s combined with the other 2/3rds it brings us to a point where it unlocks the mystery of time and space, in the sense that there is no longer the passage of time, and where everything happens simultaneously.

We experience a sequential unfolding, but is it really unfolding? Or is it just becoming aligned to itself? In looking back at your earlier dream fragment (see Is That All?), you are shown a part of yourself cracked into pieces, and the key to that image is the question, “Is this all?” In other words, if that’s all there is, it’s not enough.

We can even see this uneasiness in your personal nature. If you find yourself at a particular point where things have gotten dormant or into a pattern, you start to get restless. You have the urge to seek change. If you don’t make changes, you start losing energy. You start fading out.

In the imagery of the dream you are opening something new up, and you are trying to do so with the cohesion of the masculine (the strip club), so that what is unfolding does so in a complete way, i.e., with both the masculine and feminine energies that are the source of all procreation.

Your dream fragment showed a lack of cohesion: you (female) came upon an accident scene involving your friend (male). Pieces were scattered on the ground. That may seem like a “bad” or disturbing dream. But when we tie it in with the next dream, where you are trying to become a dancer in a men’s club, we see you trying to woo the masculine so that you can bring it together as a completion. Then the two energies can move forward together, and something new can be revealed.

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