On Being New

Jeane: Well, we switched sides of the bed last night and the first consequence of that showed up in the very first dream, which involved a woman we know whom you’ve had legal problems with in the past. I just remember this brief excerpt:

This woman was going to take a box of four wine glasses. I went to stop her, but you told me “No, just let her take them. The law will catch up with her later.” 

John: Our dreams last night had to do with our familiar reactions to events in our lives (our patterns), which get imbedded in our psyche on an unconscious and semi-conscious level, and also in our body on a cellular level. This is why we hold things as a pattern of reaction and repetition. Then, when we are confronted or challenged by changes in our lives, we often react with old patterns, yet something new has also been incorporated into our sequence of reality.

The sequence of reality that we commonly experience is physical reality. In other words, everything that we have taken in through our mind and through our senses is recorded energetically in our physical being. This recording then plays out as it is triggered by new events. Whether the pattern is positive or negative, we experience it as the comfort of a familiar vibrational level – it’s known territory.

That’s one of the main reasons why we can be so resistant to change. Thus, any spiritual journey begins by becoming conscious of our recurring patterns, which play out as a repetitive mechanism built into the density of our physical being. By doing so, we open our selves to the higher vibrations of the non-physical – the spiritual and universal energies.

When we introduce changes to the routine or pattern, it creates a scramble, and it’s hard to know how we will handle that scramble. You and I made the change of sleeping on different sides of the bed, and perhaps that caused some uneasiness in you, unconsciously or semi-consciously. Even a seemingly simple change such as that will force you to confront issues about breaking from a pattern.

All of a sudden something was different and, in the dream, it triggered you back to an unpleasant event in the past (the woman and the lawsuit), imaged in a new way, which required you to find out how you felt about it and how you wanted to react.

We have this process going on in us all the time, and mostly we struggle with it and resist the change, i.e., the new, unfamiliar element. This prevents us from being fluid. It’s also something that needs to be overcome if we’re to embrace something beyond the fractious density of duality – the seeming opposites of this physical world.

The inner dueling that goes on in “choosing sides” in every situation does not have a place in, or a place for, the fluidity of life. It creates a veil to a greater consciousness that is speeded up in light, or in Oneness. If we bring a slowed down (dense) mannerism from the past (familiarity) into what is fresh and new and open, we contaminate it.

Actually, it’s more than a contamination, because we actually prevent the new from being able to happen. We prevent ourselves from being able to see and connect with the inner levels. What is new becomes lost to our experience.

As human beings go through their lives, things constantly change and progress. As we become more and more conscious of what we do and why we do it, we can look back on every transition forward and laugh at how we fought it every step of the way, yet see how it ultimately integrates into a new, evolved version of ourselves.

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