The Big Screen

Jeane: In this dream I’m in a mall and moving around a lot. Sometimes I’m even riding on a Segway.

You’re somewhere off to my right. As I move, I’m looking up at a multiple monitor display – it must have 20 or 30 monitors on it, each one showing something different. What I’m trying to figure out is how to shut down the monitors and maybe even reboot one or two to see if I can then control what comes up on the screens.

I don’t necessarily want to control the information, but the theme. I can’t quite get the hang of it. I’m able to play around a bit with reconfiguring and changing how the screens relate to each other, but I can’t quite figure out how to reboot it and just have certain content come up. Maybe I can influence one or two screens but that seems to be about it.

John: You’re dream is telling you that you’ve gone independent of the masculine somehow. It’s like an experience where you’re given a glimpse of the depth that the feminine can take in as part of its overallness, or at least the potential of it, represented by this large array of screens with different images.

All those images portray the huge overall awareness of a spatiality that you’re able to handle. However, you can only incorporate it, or encompass it, as a container, which is invoked in the environment you’re in – a huge mall.

So there is a dichotomy in you: you are shown that you have a huge inner capacity to deal with a greater overallness, represented symbolically as dozens of TV screens. You carry that capacity, which is an aspect of the feminine, as a fullness, or as a wholeness.

However, you can’t access all of it. You can’t bring all of that to the surface, or make it useable, except when that’s made possible by a need of the masculine. We see this in your attempt to limit what is shown on the screens or to cut the number of screens that are turned on to just a few.

The masculine brings in the “need-to-know input” from somewhere, and the feminine has the spatiality to be able to take all of that in and hold it. In this case, you’re limited by the disconnection from masculine that, if you had it, would allow you access to the full array of screens.

If the masculine doesn’t bring in the seed thought or doesn’t trigger what’s possible, then your access to the full spectrum of things is limited.

So, what triggered such a dream? Well, I think it was the statement by the famous Sikh, Bhai Sahib, which I came across in the book I was reading last night. You took the statement and went to another depth to understand it.

The statement was something to the effect that a human being has to be put in a state of disturbance in order to reach deeply inside of themselves. This journey enables them to seek answers, which ultimately should bring resolution. That result is then carried within the person and the process repeats. It’s the inner struggle that matters, not what is occurring in the outer life.

In other words, most human beings don’t respond naturally to the disturbances and struggles they encounter. When people get stressed they get moody, they get mad, they get irritable, they blame something in the outer. They go around and around in circles.

As a consequence, they don’t come to any realizations. What has been offered as an access point to something new is shut and closed before any new information is able to enter. For the most part, humans just don’t realize how this life process is meant to work.

When we are thrown into the challenge of having to face a dilemma, we are meant to remain open within the struggle – in the sense of seeking new answers. If instead, we resort to what we already know, we can only end up with an old answer refitted to a new situation. Or, as shown in your dream, we limit ourselves to one or two video screens, rather than a wall full of monitors.

Humans are designed to access new information as needed. It comes from the intelligence of the universe, but it’s accessed, by us, from deeper within. But we must be open to it and not filter it for the answer we think we need. Instead we must listen for the answer that is the most appropriate, and that can come to us as a knowing.

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