Being at Depth

Jeane: In my dream there is a group of us. We have all come from separate places to be here. There is a house on top of the hill where we are all staying or meeting.

Down the hill there is a bathhouse, and then a series of small bathtubs filled with hot water that lead back up the hill. Up above, at the meeting place, I’m with some members of a diverse family. Some of them don’t talk to other family members; a young girl is in the kitchen doing something, and a young boy is dressed in an alternative way.

It’s time to go down to the bathhouse and a large group of people wants to join. But I say that just the five women in a group that had been meeting, including me, should go. Otherwise it will be overcrowded.

So, we go down the hill and one person goes into the bathhouse and I go over toward the tubs. Usually you take off your clothes to get in the tubs, and then you go through a series of tubs back up the hill, and then you come down again to the bathhouse – there’s a steam room there.

At first I’m concerned because I don’t think I have a towel, but then I realize I’ve wrapped a blue towel around my head so I’m all set. I get down there first and I step into the bathhouse and lying on the floor is the father of the boy and one of the girls from up above.

Maybe the husband had been exiled, or he hasn’t seen them for years, but he wants me to get a message to one of them. One of them, I think it’s the boy, is to travel with an aunt to Norway.

Then another child of his shows up that wasn’t expected – it’s a girl. I notice her when I go to step in the first tub that leads into the other tubs going up the hill. And then I notice that even though I thought just the five women were coming down, actually there are people all over the place.

John: You’re painting an image that has to do with how you access the depths of yourself. The part of you that’s your higher self is up the hill. In order to gain a better grasp of that higher part, you have to take it down into a depth. Reaching that depth is like burrowing in; it’s represented by the tubs of water that lead you back up the hill. Somehow that combination links to the top (higher self) and helps you pull something through (new knowledge).

In that process, though, you aren’t able to deal with everything at once. You have to deal with certain aspects that have a focus or alignment, and you have to let go of the other aspects or let them subside. That’s why you want only the group of five women to walk down the hill.

So you take those aspects and you pull in all that you can pull in, and you come to realize that, by being in the depth at the base – by accessing through the bathtubs – that this quality of you at a lower level, or greater density, is able to drill deeper, so to speak.  In this way you can catch up with information from the top of the hill that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible to you in terms of how things are meant to proceed, or to unfold.

Until you go into a depth of yourself, you’re not able to have access to the higher parts. And that which is at the top of the hill (the higher self) will just stay a fluttering energy and not quite tangible. It won’t necessarily reveal itself in terms of how it can direct or guide you to a further enhancement of what is intended. The next unfolding is potentially shaped from, or realizable through, the source at the top of the hill.

So none of that available guidance will penetrate your frame of reference until you go to a depth inside yourself.

It’s interesting how you depict it like hot baths or hot springs. In other words, you drill into the depths and then something greater can bubble up to the surface where you can access it and create a linkage to something that comes from the top.

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