Missing Information

John: In this next dream the image I have is of a woman who is addressing a conference that I’m attending. I don’t really know this woman, but I have nevertheless come to hear what she has to say.

I don’t really feel like I’m hearing her, but I’m shocked when someone comes out and announces that they “have a surprise for us.” The woman speaker then lowers her wedding veil. She becomes still. A song comes up. The song is “Silver Bells.” 

Suddenly, a man I don’t know comes onto the stage and, right before my eyes, there’s a wedding ceremony.

A marriage is a symbol of oneness, or of wholeness, or of completion. This image of a wedding signifies the union of an aspect of the inner and the outer in me. 

In the next dream a person is talking to me about what to reveal when I meet with the Board of Directors. He’s advising me that it’s my money that’s being spent, so I should be sure and not say too much. 

Meanwhile, the group of people I’m with are used to having someone else prepare documents on their behalf. A clipboard is passed to me so that I can fill in the information needed for documents to be prepared for me as well. 

I look through some of my records to see if I have what I need to set up this procedure. Normally I do what’s necessary for my greater well being all by myself. A part of me likes the idea that the others are hearing this assistant talk to me, and are seeking to allow something to happen on the side.

As he speaks to me I get the sense that the others realize that they really don’t know who I am, nor do they have sufficient information at their disposal from which to formulate any deeper understanding.

I feel sad that it’s like this; I would like to reveal more, but I know that if I do I’ll actually cause greater confusion. It’s best for their well being for any information to be kept at an absolute minimum.

What this dream imagery is outwardly showing is that I’m a mystery to those around me. They may try to understand, but it isn’t really possible because they lack the necessary information. This, of course, is actually describing me to me, but in the dream the scenario is shown as events that are separate from me.

This is how dream imagery communicates information from my subconscious into my consciousness – if I pay attention. When I shift from the straightforward understanding of the images as being part of my outer life experience, to an elevated view of it describing an inner relationship between me and me, I can learn something about where I truly am in my life.

So this is describing something that is yet to open up – the meeting is about a future event. And the others in attendance are not entitled to deeper information because it will only cause them more confusion.

But to be able to see and understand the “next step” in life, more information is needed. But that information can only make itself known to us when we are ready – otherwise we won’t know what to do with it.

The “others” in the dream have been weakened by delegating their power; they have people filling out forms for them. And the situation I’m in requires full power. In that moment, there’s nothing I can do or say to change the situation because they lack the ability to comprehend. I would like to do something, but I can’t. So here there is no unification, as seen in the wedding, but a separation from the flow of things.

Poor Sportsmanship

John: In this dream I must take on a situation in which I have no chance of succeeding. Actually, it’s difficult to imagine that I can make any meaningful difference, either.

This dynamic is symbolically presented to me in the imagery of a golf game. There’s a person I must play against who is an expert golfer. He knows the ins and outs of the game, while I’m just a novice.

I agree, however, to settle an issue between us on the outcome of playing a single hole. We’re not playing the whole game, just one par four to determine a situation that’s very important to the inner and outer life.

I know going into this challenge that I’m going to have to rely upon Fate, because my opponent is too good for me to beat him by myself. He’s so confident, I can already feel him lording it over Creation.

It seems that as the game plays out, the mistakes I make have grace connected to them. I don’t know how else to explain it. When my opponent makes a slight mistake in his second shot, I’m required to hit the ball over a deep ravine (I’m playing every other ball or something strange like that).

I know if it was his shot, he would be able to clear the ravine with ease, but for me this is a problem. My shot is so pitiful that I might just as well have kicked the golf ball because it falls right into this deep ravine trap.

My opponent thinks I did this on purpose, but he’s just messing with me because normally he could get out of this predicament with ease. He steps in and hits the ball. Just like in a sand trap, he has to swing underneath it to get it up in the air. But it goes so high it flies out of sight.

As near as I can tell, it goes above a high building that seemingly should have blocked the ball’s flight. I hadn’t even noticed the building before. As a consequence, though, he can’t find the ball.

My opponent cries foul! He had done everything right, but couldn’t find the ball – he was looking for leniency. He whines so much that I offer him a three-stroke penalty that he begrudgingly accepts.

This makes it so I can now pull off what had seemed outwardly impossible – I can win the hole. However, I’m never given the chance to see how the game actually ends. What I do know is that my opponent decided that he had to change the rules of the game in order to prevail. 

When it was his turn, he hit the ball as far away from the hole as possible. Instead of playing it straight on, he shot the ball out of the game. There was no ending because the game could no longer flow.

This is a type of message dream. The imagery is showing that there is a grace that is accessible, even in the dense outer conditions of life. My mistakes are taken into account if I’m able to accept them and, in so doing, what appears to be a problem can be transformed into a flow that has Fate on its side.

Accessing this grace is part of finding, within myself, compassion, which can heal all wounds. The outer denseness is apt to choose annihilation or self-destruction, in the sense that it resists the flow of the inner and, therefore, the purposes of Creation.

This is a destruction of the need to make a shift; it prevents a shift from happening. Even though I understand this as an issue, the dream’s portrayal doesn’t reveal what ultimately transpires. Nevertheless, I feel certainty within. I carry an inner certainty as a thread. It is my belief that this thread is meant to reach wholeness between the inner and the outer.

So the dream is saying that I’m at a crossroads in the path, where I must deal with catalytic conditions. Creation has an order that must be maintained, even though it is wounded by the history of masculine energy – it’s power and control – that will resort to anything to keep from having to surrender.

The masculine energy, which needs the essence of the feminine in order to let go, sees such surrender as an unacceptable defeat to be avoided at all costs (the ball was hit out of the game). Yet I realize that the sabotaging of Creation as an option needs to change: I can’t get in the way of what wants to be properly configured.

The Hidden Relationship

Jeane: In this dream, I can’t remember if I’m a man or a woman, but I have a woman as a lover and she’s a brunette and an artist. She comes to visit me, or I visit her, but she likes to keep the relationship hidden.

What excites her is to make love in exotic situations, like on a train, so it feels like I’m always searching for something like that to please her, even though she also likes to keep everything hidden.

John: What this is indicating is that you like to be more open in regards to an activity or a flow. You don’t like to settle back in terms of something being routine.

You like taking on new challenges and you take them on as part of a sequence of unfolding events. That’s interesting. That’s opposite to most people, who tend to go to great lengths to get everything in their environment just so – no surprises, everything under control.

In other words, most people put great effort into defining everything in their lives, minimizing the variables that introduce struggle. Even worse, we even tend to think that’s the best way to interact with our environment – with the world outside ourselves.

What your dream image is showing is that you’re finding out that you’re able to be more connected if you allow yourself to just go into the free flow. It’s through that lack of inhibition (personal veils) that one’s connections to the inner worlds can open up.

Somewhere along the line we’ve gotten the idea that if we get rid of all the distractions happening around us it will give us greater control of our environment and, therefore, we’ll feel more at ease with things, we’ll feel less pressure and less confusion. We’ll know when we get there because we’ll feel lighter and happier in our nature.

That’s when many people think that they’re at their best but, actually, we’re at our best when we’re compelled to stay in the moment and flow with events. When we have to be in tune with what’s happening – more alert to the subtleties – we develop acuity, an ability to sense what is next, and how we can best relate to that, automatically.

Humans have come to think that the unfolding of life is somehow an intrusion on their plans. We expect everything to happen on our terms. But the process of allowing our higher connections to come through us – which is what we have been designed to do – can’t function when it is screened through our “self-first” viewpoint.

Your dream imagery portrays a lack of inhibition, together with a desire to keep the “relationship” hidden. That’s two sides of your own viewpoint. You know that letting go of personal limitations will put you more in the excitement and flow of life – the creativity of life – which is associated with sexual energy.

At the same time, this relationship with your higher self needs some protection in the outer world, because, for the most part, people won’t understand it. It’s between you and your higher self, and that’s okay. In connection with your higher self, you have the opportunity to let something more dynamic come through you, and you actually become more “real.”

That’s really how it works.