The Level of Design

Jeane: This dream starts out in what seems like an old European city that I think I’ve dreamed about before.

I’m entering a small boutique-clothing store. The owner, who greets me, is also the designer. A model is wearing the designer’s beautiful knit tops and short fur coats.

A woman friend of mine is there as well, and she is trying on one of the fur coats. It probably costs more than she wants to pay, but she’s trying it on because it’s quite lovely. I’m looking at one of the knit tops – it’s all hand-woven – but it’s also out of my price range. We’re just admiring them.

As we leave, I remember another store that usually has clothing that I like (I’ve dreamed about shopping in this store before), but when we get there the area the store is in has gotten much larger than I remember.

As we enter the store, an alarm is sounding. The alarm seems to be indicating that they’re having a fire sale. As I look at the various dressing rooms I realize that I don’t see much clothing. All that’s left are some bathing suits that are hung up for people to try on, but there’s really no time to do that because the fire alarm makes everyone feel like we have to keep moving.

I do recall a third store where I could always find something to wear, so we travel deeper into the building. This time we’re on the basement level, which is unfamiliar to me.

Then I realize that if we actually want to shop, we have to go up a level. I see a stairwell that we can walk up – it’s next to an elevator. I don’t feel like I can take the elevator because somehow I’m now carrying a small lounge chair.

The lounge chair is small and round, but the elevator is still too small. I feel I should carry it up, so I have it turned upside down and balanced on my head to go up the stairs. This really isn’t a concern for me.

I look at my friend, who’s ahead of me, and I wonder if she’s too tired for the stairs; are they going to be hard on her?

Then the dream shifts to an image of a designer vase that I’ve picked up. It’s made of glass and is a bit more rectangular than most vases, and it’s wavy. This glass vase has a beautiful shape. 

I’m just enthralled with it – the wavy form and the interesting shape.

John: What you’re doing is you’re balancing things out in the overall. You have created a distinction between two items, or two issues. You are comparing the energetic vibration between something represented by the knit top and something else represented by the fur coat. You’re comparing the intensities (the prices).

What you are trying to accomplish is a balanced relationship between these two energetic intensities. Your feeling in the dream is that you’re not sure which one you really want; it’s probably not the jacket, and nothing is really decided about the designer top. It’s as if you have to learn to normalize the two energies.

It’s not necessarily the case that it’s an either/or situation. It’s likely that they are being contrasted for purposes of inner reflection. And you accomplish that reflection by going up and down the stairs with the designer chair, i.e., with the designer quality inside of you.

At a certain point in the reflection process (after a few different stores), you become capable of moving up and down (the stairs) with it. Then you’re able to make a selection of something that really sparkles, and has a certain splendor of light to it, which appears in the form of the unusual glass vase.

So with this image of the vase, you’ve gone beyond having to determine the relationship between the two items of clothing, in the sense of you having to “take on” something new. You’ve gone beyond that as an issue, and stepped more deeply into the design of the overall. In doing so, you can make your selection on something that has the most light.

So by traversing the levels inside of you, the item of clothing, which is more about the specifics of something, has transformed into a designer glass. The designer glass is closer, in its nature, to the light of the overall.

See The Intangibles for part two of this discussion.

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