The Intangibles

John: In continuing the discussion of yesterday’s dream (see The Level of Design), you went through a process where you were contrasting and comparing two items of clothing in a store. By reflecting this consideration within you, you were able to go deeper and, ultimately, make a choice based on the light within, which appeared in the dream in the form of a sparkly glass vase.

Reaching the point where you can get to the glass vase (rather than limiting yourself to the choice between the clothes) shows that you’ve made a breakthrough to a deeper inner level. Glass, as a dream image, is a tough call because it could sparkle as a type of reflective illusion, but at the same time, within the structure of that, it can hold or carry a lot of light because it’s a lead glass that you’re dealing with.

This whole process is causing you to catch up with the energies on the design level, which enables you to sidestep the need to make a distinction, represented by the different clothes, that’s being presented to you.

In putting this scenario into a context of what you’re feeling in your outer, waking, life, it’s like you’ve taken two levels of excitement (energy) that have come into your consciousness, and are learning to incorporate them into the overall, or into a wholeness. This means that you aren’t taking it on personally, i.e., in the sense of “Which item do I like better?,” but instead you’re connecting to what is meant to be, at a design level.

This deeper level could still have a degree of illusion to it – refractions of light through glass can create illusions – which you have to contend with. But there’s something still to be resolved here because there’s an aspect to this excitement that’s still ungrounded. To ground it requires more of a designing mannerism, as opposed to a distinction between, or embodiment of, two things.

Your dream is a progressive dream. What you’re meant to feel here is that you have certain variables that you’re being faced with, or sustaining, in your sense of life. You’re to take that energetic and use it in a designing fashion, or, take it and use it for something new. If you merely are making a choice between the two energies, once the selection is made, something is discarded and nothing new can be made from what remains.

In this way you can take what is arising and keep it from being incorporated in a shallow, personal way, because taking it in personally will have a limiting effect upon your being. By taking it in on a deeper level you are reaching beyond, to what is universal and connected to everything. It is there that you can catch up with what is intended by the design (or reason) at play. You’re connecting to it closer to its true essence (not filtering it through your personal psychologies), and that is closer to an aspect of universal light.

To say it another way, what you’re doing is taking a certain stern energy and learning to ground it, rather than taking the first reflection of it – at the level of a distinction between two things. There’s a deeper quality that’s meant to come through (the universal) and you should be able to discern what that is in the midst of how you feel about it (the personal). It’s an intangible that lies beyond the threshold of what’s directly in front of you.

So, being at the design level of things brings you closer to the truth, and closer to how these new energies arising want to be used.

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