The Order of Things

John: In this dream I come across a small poodle-like dog. I needed to find this dog in order to help change a mood or state that I seem to be walking around in. I come upon this dog after having won a jackpot – or had some success in an unexpected way – but I can’t really put my finger on that part of the dream.

However, because of this unexpected success, I’m still carrying a mood or feeling that I sense is in the way of where I want to be. Somehow this small white poodle is an elixir, or a cure, for that. I have the dog and I know that I need to proceed onward to somewhere else. 

I’m not sure exactly where I need to go, but I’ve come to a little store that I think I need to go into. I have to leave the dog outside, and I’m not very familiar with how best to tie this dog up. I leave it on top of a parked car where it hunkers down on the warm roof. It looks comfortable and serene there as I plan to go inside.  

But I never quite get inside the store because I keep gauging the situation as other people emerge from the store. I only need to pop in for an instant, but I don’t want the car owner to come out and disturb this poor dog. The dog is lying on the roof like a small lap dog, and it looks quite comfortable in a quiet, accepting way; its demeanor is very gentle.

For some reason I begin to like this dog more and more. Initially, when I was going to tie it up near the car, I was feeling that it was something of a nuisance. Before I headed into the store, an older woman came out and I was trying to explain why the dog was there. She knew the breed and said that this dog was not a pure breed. In other words, she was a perfectionist. She said, “The dog’s coat has some yellow in it.” And then she said, “But at least it doesn’t have any mercury because that would be bad.”  

I pick up the dog. I guess I never actually get into the store and I still haven’t figured out where I’m going. But I do seem to be getting a little information here and a little information there, based upon what’s unfolding.

In the next step I find myself speaking with a man who’s talking about the spring runoff from the mountain streams happening earlier and earlier. He thinks it’s premature. Apparently, I gave given him the impression I’m interested; that’s my guess as to why he feels it’s important to tell me about the mountain highlands and how they are this year.

He goes on to say it has something to do with illegal crabbing. In other words, there are crabs in the mountains in the snow, and each year the snow melts earlier and earlier because the crabbers are causing a breakdown in the conditions higher up on the mountain slopes. Normally, weather changes would dictate the runoff, but now he thinks humans are causing the early melt.

He’s making the point that the early runoff isn’t natural, as most people assume. It’s not weather related; it’s caused by man pushing the situation to get a jump on the harvest even though this is premature and the crabbing season hasn’t actually opened for everyone.  

But there are people who do this more and more each year, and there isn’t any enforcement or protection of the rules for when the crab season begins. And there’s no concern about whether the habitat is being affected in a deleterious way. 

So, what does this mean?

Tomorrow we’ll delve into the inner workings of this dream imagery.

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