The Inner Life

Jeane: The first dream I had last night takes place in a room in the sky. I have a new machine. It’s called a Lillix machine, or something like that, and it downloads information.

I’m trying to figure out the wires to it and understand how it works. I’m talking to someone else about that. I spend the longest time working with this new machine. 

That’s the whole dream.

John: It would be easy to look at this dream and say, well, maybe it has to do with something that’s going on literally in your outer life. We’re always trying to figure out something on the computer, or update software.

Of course, our dreams can be affected by events in our outer life, but more often imagery that’s familiar to us is used to tell us something about our inner lives. Dreams can show us what is going on at the deeper levels within us, and also give us glimpses of the connections every one of us has to universal intelligence – to all of creation. In that way, understanding our dreams can unlock the guidance that we have available to us if we only learn to listen and connect.

Ultimately, all dreams have a deeper meaning. It’s really just a matter of whether or not we’re able to pierce through the veils enough to be able to see that deeper meaning and pull it through.

So in this instance you’ve created a dream image in which you’re in a room up in the sky with a machine that can download information. This room in the sky can be understood to represent a higher part of yourself – it’s not on the ground like everything else, it’s literally higher. And this machine that is fascinating you is giving you access to information that you don’t ordinarily have.

It’s new to you, so you’re trying to figure out how it works. So it’s not just the information that’s interesting to you, but the process of it is as well. By pulling out this image, you are being shown, in a very subtle way, at a deeper level of your psyche, that there’s access that can be gained inside of you.

During the day, your psyche has indulged in activities that have to do with trying to formulate something for useful purposes, so it is easy for your unconscious to use those familiar images to create a reflection. This reflection is meant to reveal to you, and cause recognition, that you are linked or connected to something at an inner depth. If we are quiet enough inside, i.e., we don’t have all the inner noise of worry and judgment, we can then bring this greater access into our daily lives.

Jeane: I couldn’t pull out much of the second dream.

I’m at a house in a city, and a couple I knew in the past has come to visit. She just sits in the hallway and reads.

I used to be a little standoffish with him, but this time he actually pokes me with his finger and just hangs out. We’re hanging out in a way that’s more comfortable than it’s ever been before.

John: So, again the imagery is showing you that something is coming through, right? You’re staying in a house and the man, who is usually more closed off, is able to be relaxed and give you a friendly poke. That new level of comfort shows that something has opened up for you. It represented by a masculine figure – a masculine aspect of you – that you might normally have had an inner resistance toward. Here you are more able to flow with it.

One way of understanding this image is in considering how it felt to you. What you are describing is a new level of ease with something from the past (a couple you used to know). Something has opened up and you are experiencing a greater dimension than before – and it feels right to you.

What prevents us in life is usually our own psychologies or defense mechanisms that we’ve picked up along the way. We use them to defend against what we perceive to be overwhelming – when something feels like too much, or is frightening in some way. So in this image, something from your past that you used to have more resistance to is opening up and you can feel that it’s a good expansion. There’s no need to defend against it or prevent it from opening up.

So both dreams are describing a similar process using very different images. They show you have let go of personal resistance and opened up to the greater intelligence that is available to you when you bring consciousness to your inner life.

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