It’s All Relevant

John: In this next dream, I didn’t remember the details of it right away because some part of me discarded the imagery as being unimportant – of being too trite. But then, at the end of the dream, I heard this voice making a statement.

So the best I can do is describe the sequence. I was having an experience of an image that, from my perspective, seemed irrelevant. Then, I could hear a voice saying, “In the fullness of time you will come to know what this means.”

We’ve been considering the question, “Does every dream have a deeper meaning or spiritual aspect?” A year ago I would have been inclined to say that there are “mind” dreams in which we seem to be chewing our cud, or just processing imagery from the waking day’s events, and that many of those dreams lack spiritual depth.

Today my answer is different. I would say that all dreams have a spiritual aspect, but it’s just a matter of our ability to recognize what’s going on in them at a deeper level. That capability is affected by our ability to pierce the psychological veils we have created, in ourselves, throughout our lives.

If we think that the outer, waking, life is all there is to reality, then our dreams seem to be nothing more than a reflection of those outer events. If we limit our perception in this way, we choke off the inner processes that are critical to fulfilling the promise of a human life because the power and energy from within would be missed by us.

As human beings, we haven’t understood our place, and our role, in the dynamics of the universe. Again, if all the focus is on our outer lives – career, family, money, etc. – we don’t see ourselves as part of anything greater. To accept that limited view of our lives relegates what happens in our dreams to some sort of meaningless delirium.

Humans do have their waking experience, yet during sleep there is an equally important process occurring through which we manage and sort those daily experiences and, if we are open to it, we can get needed guidance from our higher faculties. These higher faculties work more efficiently when we sleep because our waking consciousness generally prevents us from hearing what is going on inside – we’re too noisy.

Thus, when we open our eyes, the demands of the outer world cause our dreams to disappear. It requires desire and attention to remember the dreams – no matter how insignificant we feel they may be at the time. Even that intention – to remember them – is a huge shift toward being open to inner guidance. Then, over time, we can begin to sort out their true meaning.

Many people will forget most of their dreams, only remembering ones that have a very pronounced dramatic energy to them. But the process of reaching into our inner selves requires the realization that everything is important. It is also the beginning of reconnecting with the greater universe and the spiritual connection we have to all things.

And when it comes to the imagery of our dreams, at some deep inner level, a cigar is not just a cigar. There is meaning in terms of everything that happens to us in the inner worlds. A real life, a life of purpose, is possible if we make the effort to understand our inner worlds – they present to us a threshold to greater access.

In other words, the process of awakening to our true selves begins within. What we are able to make conscious through our higher selves eventually penetrates from the inner levels into our outer lives. That’s when we begin to realize that meaningful coincidences in our waking lives are an end result of being in a flow on the inner.

Then the outer life can become a form of ongoing revelation. We, as humans, can’t pick and choose what is relevant in our experience – it is all relevant, both inner and outer. So much of the stress and misdirection we all experience is a result of not listening to our inner guidance. When we reconnect to it, everything begins to make sense.

We humans are so quick to think we know what’s going on, but we can never fully know. And that gap is made more cavernous when we use our outer life as a means to control our inner world. Maybe there are times when “a cigar is just a cigar,” but we don’t have the discrimination to make that determination, especially when we are disconnected from ourselves.

Creation unfolds from the top down. Our inner lives have a connection to that energy, which touches off a spark in us. So if we accept the fact that when we sleep the dominance of our brain and other sensory faculties are set aside, that acknowledgement can be enough to re-awaken our inner connections.

Thus every dream has a spiritual aspect, even though it may not be completely understood, except through the fullness of time. Yet somewhere, deep within, the dreamer knows what the dream means.

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