Inner Space Connection

John: Yesterday we spoke about the process of understanding dreams (see It’s All Relevant). One analogy that can be useful is the idea that the universe is an energetic power station and humans are the light bulbs: we are connected back to the Source, but the system provides a series of resistors and transformers so that the power surge doesn’t short out the circuitry.

When we are awake, we are still connected to the Source, but we are generally so distracted by our thoughts and feelings that we don’t have the inner quiet to clearly receive the energetic transmission. It’s different when we sleep: our brain and senses go dormant, so we are open to the information we can receive through our natural connections, and that information is relayed to us through our dreams.

So our unconscious mind uses images familiar to us to display the messages in our dreams; we all tend to use personal experiences – related to jobs, family, or common, everyday activities. And the people who populate our dreams are representatives of different aspects of us – masculine and feminine, young and old. And where we are in the dream is important too, whether driving a car (our life journey), in our house (our inner lives), or in the water (our unconscious) to name a few.

Humans live in the density of the material world, and we are meant, in our lives, to journey back through the density – a planetary experience in a physical body – toward the light, from which all matter manifests. Dreams are like finding the spark and tracing it back, little by little, to the Source.

It is said, and I know this might sound like a radical statement, that, “Dreaming is a means of merging with the Creator.” So a human being has to start somewhere in understanding their dreams.

One of the best ways to start is to say, “Yes,” to our dream process, because that acceptance can open up a thread to these inner connections. Saying yes awakens the linkage between our inner lives and our outer experience. We all need both aspects to have useful lives, from the perspective of Creation. And true human experience happens from the inside out – by bringing our universal connections into our individual, daily life processes – not the other way around.

I had a follow up dream, which was hard for me to remember at first, but then the imagery popped back in. It’s appropriate here because it portrays the free flow that opens up when one learns to let go and accept the inner guidance we all can access.

In this dream I hear that a man in reform school has been given a furlough. He has been locked up for so long that he might not know how to function in the outer world.

I’m walking along and a man, who’s shorter than I am, is walking behind me. Somehow I know that this is the man I’ve heard about.

We’re walking near a playground where some kids are playing. The ball gets way from them and comes bouncing our way. The man is excited, happy to no longer be locked up. He attempts to retrieve the ball, but I intervene and grab it. It’s a bit rude, because I play a game of keep-away, while his intention was to retrieve it and give it back to the kids. I’m just teasing and playing around.

I hold the ball up and he takes it from behind, hitting it out of my hands. It goes flying straight into the arms of one of the kids. I say, “Good shot,” because the ball went right to the boy like it was an intentional pass.

The man is so glad to be free that my antics don’t disturb him. It was all in good fun – everything was flowing freely.

We progress along and the scene shifts to another area where the man is to be picked up by someone. I assume this person is his older brother because they look so much alike. Of course, the man is behind me and I see his brother first.

The brother is there with a young boy who seems to be the son of one of the brothers, but I’m not sure which one. Then the brother asks the boy to be good, because he now needs to worry about Bobby.

So the imagery here is portraying a man who has been locked away and cut off from the natural flow of life – children playing, being outdoors, etc. Once outside, he feels such joy in this freedom that he immediately gets into the flow of things, having the skill and perfect timing to hit the ball out of my hands and back to the children.

Each of the players in this dream is an aspect of me, and all are part of my masculine side. On a spiritual level, it shows that some part of me that has been inhibited, or resistant, has opened up and rejoined the flow.

It also shows that when we are cut off from the flow, we are also cut off from our natural intelligence. We all have experienced moments where we do something incredible without thinking, and it happens when we don’t restrict the flow we are in.

The perfect pass of the ball to the child isn’t possible in a locked-up state. It isn’t possible for us to will it or to force it. It’s only possible when we are attuned to our environment and we’re flowing with it. And it is through that inner space connection that so much more becomes possible for a human being.

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