Delayed En Route

Jeane: Okay, in this first dream I’m trying to book a room in Vegas. When I book it, it’s almost like looking at a certain shape in the sky – an odd shape with a dull gold color.

When I book the room at the right rate, the odd shape multiplies and multiplies. That’s what I get. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: This image shows that you’re trying to catch up with the sense that there’s something more going on beyond just booking a room, and it’s something that’s part of an unfolding or part of a greater design.

And as you proceed, and are attentive to this sudden shift that you experienced when you booked the right room at the right price, you realize that you’re doing something outside of your ordinary routine. You’re attentive to seeing that there’s a design behind what’s coming into formation.

Jeane: Then this next dream starts out as a reflection of our outer reality.

In the dream, we are at my father’s house and my dad and you are going out for coffee in the morning. At the same time, I’m going to run down and pick up a latte for my friend and visit with her while you two are at the coffee shop. 

You’ve gone in to take a shower, so I decide to run downtown and get the latte and then come back and take a shower myself, before my friend gets there. When I run downtown it feels like I don’t know what happens. I must go into a building or something. I get delayed.

I come out of the building and I’m walking up the street when I see my friend, and she compliments me on how I look. She says she’ll see me in a little while, and I realize I haven’t gotten the coffee and I haven’t had my shower, so I take off.

I go through one building and seem to run into all kinds of delays. Next I turn around and I run up an alleyway and there’s a Chinese man who’s a teacher with a group of school kids; I have to try to squeeze past them to get out this alley.

Suddenly some spies are chasing me, and I’m really sure I’m going to be late. I can’t even think about getting the coffee at this point – I just go home. I go upstairs to take a shower, but there’s no shower anymore – the bathroom is torn up.

Instead of a shower there are two toilets, so I go to use one. I’m talking to you at the same time, but then I realize that the toilet isn’t hooked up.

Next I decide to run downstairs to take a shower in the bathroom there. I start down the stairs, but I can’t get all the way into the living room because my father is moving furniture. I have to crawl through the bars of the staircase to get down. I’m a bit appalled because some of the furniture my dad is moving looks nice where it is, but I tell myself that it’s his house now, he can do what he wants. I just have to drop my reservations about it. 

I’m late. I look out the window and see my friend arriving in two cars. She has run into some men I knew from high school and they’ve parked on the lawn and are jumping out of the car. I still haven’t had my shower so I run into the shower downstairs. 

Then another woman wants to get into the bathroom as well, but I lock the door. I’ve had enough. It seems now there are three doors to the bathroom that I lock or shut in order to take my shower.

I realize after the shower that my clothes are upstairs, plus I don’t have the coffee. I think that’s when I wake up.

Oh, wait a minute. I have another important image. Strange, I almost blocked this out: When I went upstairs my friend was sitting on the bed, and I suddenly remember being molested in childhood by a father common to us. I go over and tell her I just remembered. 

I said, “You know, this is a little hard to deal with.” She had always dealt with whatever happened to her in childhood, but I had blocked it out. She reassures me it won’t be that difficult.

It was a strange way for the dream to end.

Tomorrow we will discover the deeper meaning of these dream images.

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