Jumping to a Conclusion

John: Well, I feel like I dreamed too much. Here’s the first imagery.

My dream starts with me entering a bar. The first thing I notice is how long the bar is. The room is a large rectangle and the bar runs the entire length of the left side. There’s nothing on the right side except at the very end where there’s an area where they serve drinks.

I am talking with the bartender. He mentions that there’s an idea under consideration to put a small casino in the empty area, saying that it wouldn’t take up too much room; it would just use a fraction of the open space.

I make a comment that maybe this idea should be discussed more, but no one is paying any attention to me because they’re busy drinking. The bartender just mentioned the idea, but he isn’t following up with it. I feel ignored and rejected.

In other words, I took the bait. I was curious about exploring the concept as something that might be functional or make sense. But because there’s no follow through, I’m not able to catch up with what would feel right; I’m not able to work out my feelings about it. In terms of the dream process, I’m not able to find if that idea has an impulse or inflection that leads anywhere. 

What I notice while all of this is happening in my dream, is that I’m also experiencing something physically while I sleep. I’ve had a frozen shoulder lately, and in my semi-conscious state I’m trying find the most comfortable position to sleep in. My shoulder is acting up, but in my state I’m not sure whether it’s having an impact on the dream or not.

The problem, as I come to understand it, is that something is pent-up inside me and it’s perpetuating the problem. In other words, there’s something bottled up that just isn’t flowing or coming through, so I’m feeling the same uneasiness about both situations: I’m unable to get comfortable with my shoulder, and I’m unable to follow my thoughts through to a conclusion about the casino.

Meanwhile, in the bar, I end up wanting to leave in frustration because no one is talking about the casino anymore. I end up in an area where there’s a young boy behind the bar – it’s just the two of us.

He’s pretending that something is wrong that needs to be figured out, or understood, and he’s asking my opinion on how to fix it. Somehow I realize that he has the ability to record what we’re saying. He can step on a device and make a secret recording, although he’s pretending that he’s not doing that because it’s a little intrusive. 

Well, anyway, it seems he may be pouring me drinks to pump me for information. I can’t really tell, but I seem to be giving good advice, and he seems to think it’s useful. At some point I question what he’s doing. Then he announces he’s gotten the info he needs and is going to use it – he has it recorded. I feel that the information I was giving him was just casual talk, and he thinks there is great meaning in it and that it’s the last word on the subject.

It feels completely out of proportion to me. What we shared was friendly conversation, not a process that can be used to push an agenda or cause something else to manifest.

This of course progresses into the next dream, where a contrast is set up to portray a better way to create something.

We will explore how this unfolds tomorrow….

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