Going Off Script

John: The next dream starts off with a script that is being played out, like a movie, in the sky (for the first dream in this series, see Jumping to a Conclusion). In other words, it’s like it’s being designed up there, far above.

I’m watching it, and wondering if it’s something that needs to be taken seriously or not because it’s so far removed from everything else. 

Suddenly something happens that’s not part of the script. It isn’t supposed to happen because a person could get hurt. I see the main character tumble all the way down, falling through the air down to earth. I’m amazed that this is even possible!

The movie continues, but it gets even more bizarre because now that part of it (the main character) has become grounded, the whole production seems to increase in loudness. In other words, once it achieved grounding in the world – once it came into manifestation – it must be faced more directly. When it was just free-floating, it was still possible to ignore.

As the scenes unfold between two actors, there is, at the same time, an advertisement for beer being shown on the side. Anyone observing the scene is getting both a partial movie and an advertisement. The whole thing seems a little bizarre, and I’m taken aback by it all.

When it was up in the sky it was hard to figure out what was going on and if it was meaningful. Now that it’s down on the earth, all the irregularities are visible; some things still need to be worked out, etc. I can see the effects more clearly.

As I’m noticing all this, the young boy (from yesterday’s imagery) comes down to where I am, and he still thinks he has opened something up or reached a realization. It’s the same information that he secretly recorded with me, and I think he’s taken it out of context.

His energetic approach appears very scattered compared to this movie event that seems to have done the impossible: it has tumbled down from above where it was playing itself out in a surreal way, to where it now has a greater seriousness, and loudness, yet it also has an aspect that is designed to deceive the viewer into buying certain products.

As illusory as it is, it is at least an attempt to bring the inner into the outer. The boy’s approach of trying to usurp what he thought he was getting, deceptively, lacked a lot by comparison. It didn’t feel right because it didn’t have a soundness to it. When the boy is suddenly there, I point to what just happened with the movie and say to him, “That’s how it’s done.”

So, what do these two dream sequences show me? In the first sequence, I overhear information that has no follow through (the idea of the casino in the bar), so I’m unable to find comfort with the idea and I go away disconcerted. This energetic is the seed energy for this sequence.

The information I’ve heard, or think I know, is then carried forward by the young boy, who has taken my thoughts out of context. He thinks he can act on those ideas and try to work something out, as if the ideas are absolute and real. The boy doesn’t know how to put what happened into context and he’s seeking to take advantage of my good will.

At this point, the two dreams portray an abstract mannerism in which the seed idea (that was heard as conjecture, not yet fully formulated) is being understood too literally. It’s trying to be used as an end result. Since I’m not settled with it (I can’t feel it), I have to leave the bar.

However, the boy takes it on. I leave the first part, but the boy carries the casual conversation forward as valid. I’m still in a delirium but the boy has recorded what I said and has the intention of holding me to it.

These two sequences portray an energetic that I carry, which is leading to confusion.

The next installment in this sequence, which we will present tomorrow, explores how these images are meant to evolve.

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