Crystalizing the Design

John: The way these two dream images were presented, I’m getting an understanding of how we humans are supposed to relate to the design level of things (for the first two parts, see Jumping to a Conclusion and Going Off Script).

All the energetic impulses that we receive, which give us our ideas and inspirations, come from the design level and are then, ideally, carried into physical existence as the manifestations that we experience as waking life.

If our translation of what is designed above is off in any way – due to our human interpretation, filtered through our psychological resistance or lack of openness – it manifests in the outer world as an illusion, as a warp of what was meant to be. Still, it is an energetic that is now more grounded, and therefore a more dense, physical manifestation of what caused it.

In the dream scenario, the script and the movie is designed up above, yet it comes down (in the image of the falling actor) to the ground level where it displays some peculiarities (things still need work, there is an advertisement). So it has a warp that doesn’t quite feel right – the advertisement is an image of something being pushed as an agenda (just like an inner pattern imposes itself on us). That’s the way it unfolds, but I’m supposed to catch up with the original energy, without the warp.

But the boy shows up again, and he represents something young, not fully-formed, and he has taken the concepts that I casually offered and wants to use them as a final truth, which makes me accountable for them. But these concepts need to be put into a design first, and tested to see how well they apply.

I point out to the boy that the script being played out has been properly formatted on the inner first, and say to him, “That’s how it is done.” In other words, everything has to be designed first. It can’t just be some casual notion. 

What I’m feeling in myself, however, is that I’m acting out in my outer life in a way that’s not as free as it should be – it’s still off the mark in capturing the inner design. That’s how I feel about the movie. But at least this is how the inner and outer are meant to work together: struggling to find a balance and settlement within a larger design.

When something is designed, one then has to deal with the illusory projections that can get included, little by little, as the design comes down into manifestation. In other words, something is being created, or co-created, and in order to make it as pure and clean as possible, one has to keep getting more and more of themselves out of the way.

I’m being shown that an approach that is only conceptually oriented, with no testing or application in reality, can never amount to anything. That’s the notion in the first and second dreams. That’s why I want the boy to realize that the true process is to bring down something from the inner (design level) into the outer (waking, physical life) as a way of testing it in creation. That’s how it’s meant to be done.

The purpose of this imagery is to get me to see that when a conceptual, yet not fully tested, idea is taken as literal truth, one won’t end up with something of value. When there is a clear connection to the inner design of life, and that is carried into creation, evolution can occur.

We must, as individuals and as a species, realize that we are here to work out our karma and, in so doing, we can gain access to the inner design. We can catch up with the flow. To begin with, we’re just wandering around aimlessly. We are distracted by our cultural obsessions, and only seek more and more comfort in our lives. Such a journey won’t lead us anywhere.

How can we tell when we are on a personally generated tangent? Usually, we can sense that what we are pursuing is not supported in the greater scheme of things. We can also know when we don’t feel right in our heart about it. Often it will materialize in our refusal to let go of something, and then we’ll go to great lengths to make it work out in the face of great resistance.

We are then like the young boy, so desperate to further an empty cause that he records a concept that lacks any design, who tries to perpetuate the concept anyway. When we act like that, we’re not involved in the flow: we are trying to impose our own will on reality – which can never work.

Instead, we are meant to take the design of the inner and bring it into manifestation, all the while tuning out any imbalances we discover, until we feel that all that’s left is the Thought of God. That is a merging with Oneness, which opens up to us as a heartfelt sense of knowing.

I suppose another way to explain this is to say that we get the Divine joke when we see that we are the foot soldiers that bring into creation that which was designed. In so doing, we ground into life (manifest) that which begins off the ground, in the energy worlds. And, as we follow this process, we come closer to our wholeness, or Oneness, or closer to who and what we really are.

What most of us do is go off on some tangent of our own creation and beat ourselves up trying to make it tangible. That is the life of illusion. Instead, we are meant to sit and wait and learn by a process of inner listening whether something is our personal notion or a Thought of God – a true inner guidance.

There’s a fine line between what is a personal notion that isn’t supported by the flow, and a Divine impulse that is meant to become crystallized, through us, into physical life. To do this work we need to be in a flow where we can know the distinction. The only way we can really come to know it is to hear it, to recognize it, because it strikes the right note.

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