Filling the Container

Jeane: In my first dream I’m looking for a certain brand of special knives. I want to get several larger knives and a set of steak knives. They can be expensive, so I look and around at different options, only to realize that, for now, all I can afford is the holder for the knives – the knives seem too expensive.

Perhaps I can get the steak knives? I’m not sure. I keep going back and forth, weighing the possibilities, to make a final decision.

John: So you’re debating whether to get just a few of the good knives or only the container for the knives?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And you do get the knife container that holds a lot of knives. So now the decision is whether the good steak knives or the carving knives are more useful. Hmmm. So, which type of knife goes deeper for you?

In other words, which is more important in terms of designing something or in satisfying something. Is it the steak knives or the carving knives?

Your dream, first and foremost, shows the need for you to establish the container for something. Then the question is, what do want to hold in that container? You’re still trying to sort that aspect out, but you’re tending toward what’s more practical and useful.

So I think this dream is showing you that you’ve relieved some pressure. Because if you had chosen the knives instead of the container, you would have acquired something that you had no way to hold in yourself; it’s important to be able to retain what you access.

So you have taken pressure off by finding a balanced approach: once you have the container you can, over time, get a better sense of what you’re able to process.

This is actually a guidance dream because, had you not gotten the container, then something would be missing and it would bother you. By having the container you can take on something more as a process of opening up, and you can do it with a sense of balance. You tend to be more disoriented if you haven’t caught up with the container quality in yourself, which is an aspect of the feminine.

Therefore this is a dream that has to do with sorting out what is compelling to your being based upon an inner pressure. You need to take that inner pressure deeper in order to resolve it. But you don’t blink in terms of the situation. You know what is practical and immediately beneficial and you know that with the container the sense of what’s to come will fill it since you have already opened something up.

Jeane: In the second dream I’ve been recruited to play with a women’s softball team. It’s a community team and they take their playing pretty seriously. The opposition team is scheduled to play against us, and the feeling is that they’re going to clobber us. 

One of the things I’m hoping will help me play well is that I’ve discovered a woman in Chinatown who has a shop where she sells small herbal candies. There is the feeling that they can make me stronger.

I run into another Chinese woman on the other team and she also knows about the shop and what is sold there. I’m very interested in getting them. When I go back to my locker, I see that the Chinese woman has left me a little gift. I open it up and it’s a few of the herbal candies and a little basket of things from that shop that I could give out to the whole team.

I remember feeling really touched, and I look at them to see what they’re like because they’re still new to me.

John: Like the container dream, this scenario has a lot to do with fluidity. You starting off being new to the team, which is usually a situation where you pay close attention to discover the ways of things.

In meeting the other player, the Chinese woman, a flow opens up that causes you to be more open to a part of yourself in which there’s something to be found, or realized, that fits with the flow.

You have a concern about the other team clobbering your team, so you stay open and receptive to whatever can meet that need, because in terms of being new to the team you already have the feeling that you’re in over your head and are unsure about what’s going to take place.

So the gift of something new motivates you to share with the rest of the players. This shows that you’re looking out for the overallness of your own being, not just trying to help yourself personally. Once you’ve come to appreciate something, you can’t keep it to yourself.

That’s how it works when you gain a knowing about something. It often hits as an impulse, and it changes something. The impulse is important with respect to the feeling of pressure that comes from having to face something that could be too much for you. It’s as if, as a result of that impulse, something was just given to you (the candies) or made available to you and you knew how to share it.

So the dreams are showing a shift, or a breakthrough, in terms of an ease you can have with yourself. The question that still remains is shown in the other team – there’s an inner competitiveness, or dueling, going on inside.

But, one thing at a time. First you deal with the what’s right there in front of you, and deal with it in a gracious way (by sharing). This incorporates a quality from the first dream in that you recognize the sharing of the container quality of yourself, the openness, the fluid part, which is required in life when we encounter new experiences and challenges on our journey.

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