The Hidden Relationship

Jeane: In this dream, I can’t remember if I’m a man or a woman, but I have a woman as a lover and she’s a brunette and an artist. She comes to visit me, or I visit her, but she likes to keep the relationship hidden.

What excites her is to make love in exotic situations, like on a train, so it feels like I’m always searching for something like that to please her, even though she also likes to keep everything hidden.

John: What this is indicating is that you like to be more open in regards to an activity or a flow. You don’t like to settle back in terms of something being routine.

You like taking on new challenges and you take them on as part of a sequence of unfolding events. That’s interesting. That’s opposite to most people, who tend to go to great lengths to get everything in their environment just so – no surprises, everything under control.

In other words, most people put great effort into defining everything in their lives, minimizing the variables that introduce struggle. Even worse, we even tend to think that’s the best way to interact with our environment – with the world outside ourselves.

What your dream image is showing is that you’re finding out that you’re able to be more connected if you allow yourself to just go into the free flow. It’s through that lack of inhibition (personal veils) that one’s connections to the inner worlds can open up.

Somewhere along the line we’ve gotten the idea that if we get rid of all the distractions happening around us it will give us greater control of our environment and, therefore, we’ll feel more at ease with things, we’ll feel less pressure and less confusion. We’ll know when we get there because we’ll feel lighter and happier in our nature.

That’s when many people think that they’re at their best but, actually, we’re at our best when we’re compelled to stay in the moment and flow with events. When we have to be in tune with what’s happening – more alert to the subtleties – we develop acuity, an ability to sense what is next, and how we can best relate to that, automatically.

Humans have come to think that the unfolding of life is somehow an intrusion on their plans. We expect everything to happen on our terms. But the process of allowing our higher connections to come through us – which is what we have been designed to do – can’t function when it is screened through our “self-first” viewpoint.

Your dream imagery portrays a lack of inhibition, together with a desire to keep the “relationship” hidden. That’s two sides of your own viewpoint. You know that letting go of personal limitations will put you more in the excitement and flow of life – the creativity of life – which is associated with sexual energy.

At the same time, this relationship with your higher self needs some protection in the outer world, because, for the most part, people won’t understand it. It’s between you and your higher self, and that’s okay. In connection with your higher self, you have the opportunity to let something more dynamic come through you, and you actually become more “real.”

That’s really how it works.

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