Missing Information

John: In this next dream the image I have is of a woman who is addressing a conference that I’m attending. I don’t really know this woman, but I have nevertheless come to hear what she has to say.

I don’t really feel like I’m hearing her, but I’m shocked when someone comes out and announces that they “have a surprise for us.” The woman speaker then lowers her wedding veil. She becomes still. A song comes up. The song is “Silver Bells.” 

Suddenly, a man I don’t know comes onto the stage and, right before my eyes, there’s a wedding ceremony.

A marriage is a symbol of oneness, or of wholeness, or of completion. This image of a wedding signifies the union of an aspect of the inner and the outer in me. 

In the next dream a person is talking to me about what to reveal when I meet with the Board of Directors. He’s advising me that it’s my money that’s being spent, so I should be sure and not say too much. 

Meanwhile, the group of people I’m with are used to having someone else prepare documents on their behalf. A clipboard is passed to me so that I can fill in the information needed for documents to be prepared for me as well. 

I look through some of my records to see if I have what I need to set up this procedure. Normally I do what’s necessary for my greater well being all by myself. A part of me likes the idea that the others are hearing this assistant talk to me, and are seeking to allow something to happen on the side.

As he speaks to me I get the sense that the others realize that they really don’t know who I am, nor do they have sufficient information at their disposal from which to formulate any deeper understanding.

I feel sad that it’s like this; I would like to reveal more, but I know that if I do I’ll actually cause greater confusion. It’s best for their well being for any information to be kept at an absolute minimum.

What this dream imagery is outwardly showing is that I’m a mystery to those around me. They may try to understand, but it isn’t really possible because they lack the necessary information. This, of course, is actually describing me to me, but in the dream the scenario is shown as events that are separate from me.

This is how dream imagery communicates information from my subconscious into my consciousness – if I pay attention. When I shift from the straightforward understanding of the images as being part of my outer life experience, to an elevated view of it describing an inner relationship between me and me, I can learn something about where I truly am in my life.

So this is describing something that is yet to open up – the meeting is about a future event. And the others in attendance are not entitled to deeper information because it will only cause them more confusion.

But to be able to see and understand the “next step” in life, more information is needed. But that information can only make itself known to us when we are ready – otherwise we won’t know what to do with it.

The “others” in the dream have been weakened by delegating their power; they have people filling out forms for them. And the situation I’m in requires full power. In that moment, there’s nothing I can do or say to change the situation because they lack the ability to comprehend. I would like to do something, but I can’t. So here there is no unification, as seen in the wedding, but a separation from the flow of things.

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