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John: This dream uses a very bizarre image to make an interesting statement.

In this dream a woman, who has passed away, is so regal that she glistens in death.

The community in which this takes place has never seen anything like this before, so they don’t know exactly what to do in this situation. The body, however, is not allowed to go through the normal funeral procedure because the locals interfere.

Everybody is dazzled by the natural beauty that emanates from the dead body; a few people step in to lay claim to the wealth. The locals, however, don’t realize that this is a wealth that mortal hands are not able to claim. The reason the body glistens like gold is because of an inner quality that has survived death, which still emanates like a shadow force. 

I know that the body is not made of real gold, but it appears that way to common eyes, or to the novice, unable to recognize that at death the inner beauty can still radiate. This particular body radiates so much that it’s mistaken for something of material value in the outer world.

What’s not understood is that the inner has come into the outer, and that the rules of the outer have nothing of value to add to such a process. In other words, it’s blasphemy for the outer world to lay claim to something it lacks the consciousness to understand.

In the dream, I find myself blown away by the sight of this body. No matter what position it lays in, the body emanates a radiant glow. If it’s rolled over, or turned from end to end, it makes no difference. The radiance comes through.

This makes no sense to the casual observer who thinks that they have an insight or say in what transpires, for no other reason than that the body passed away right before their eyes in their community.

The meaning here is that the outer world doesn’t pay proper attention to what’s right in front of them until it’s too late. The dream is saying that humans, on the whole, don’t recognize when they are in the presence of higher essences. The inner truths of life continue to elude us.

In the dream the local people, where the woman has died, see her beautiful radiation only in terms of its material potential; they see only that it may somehow benefit them in the physical world. But the radiation itself speaks of the wealth that’s available, to all of us, on the inner plane.

That people only see the special quality of the woman (the feminine) after she has died, speaks to the idea that we, as a species, recognize what is important when it’s already too late. When the inner comes into the outer, it is but a reflection of the truth, yet even then can go unnoticed and unrecognized. Mortal eyes see it only in a mortal way; that’s how it is when the veils remain.

The inner can only truly be seen and experienced when the essence that shines through is taken in, or understood, in a non-outer way. Generally, our brains and our senses dominate our experience of the world around us, taking in stimuli and trying to quickly sort it out according to established criteria.

The inner operates at a higher speed, yet in a way we need to slow down to perceive the truth of other levels of reality. When the brain and senses are fully engaged in the ego perspective of life – the idea that everything happens to “me” – rather than recognizing that we are all a part of something much bigger, it is the living who are already dead.

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Jeane: I lost my dream but my impression of it was that I was in an outdoor area, near a hillside, and something was being unloaded from trucks. I had the dream a few hours ago and I just lost it.

John: What the dream is talking about is something that’s being downloaded, so to speak, from the inner into the outer. What you’re subconscious is doing is using the symbolism of everyday waking life as a way to help you perceive what’s happening to you on an inner level.

In other words, some type of reconciliation has come through from the inner into the outer, but it’s being shown to you through the imagery of the physical world. You don’t actually have to remember all the details of a dream, you just have to grasp the sense of how the imagery is a reflection of your personal makeup. It’s part of who you are, which is shining through for you to see.

Although you might not understand precisely what this download is about (imaged as the unloading of the trucks), it’s something that’s been brought through and will have its effect on you.

John: The scenario for my dream was triggered by a three-way call with my business partner and a new tenant who wants to open a business.

The new tenant is a spiritual woman and she’s only looking at the situation from her spiritual idealism – she doesn’t have a balanced enough sense of things to recognize that there are forces in life that can’t be romanced just by an inner beauty that will cause them to change. Sometimes a certain masculine power is needed to shake things from their trance-like state – to get them to snap out of “it.”

She’s a person who’s caught up in this concept – and it’s one that some very conscious people have – that a shift is underway where the power and control of the masculine is going away and the feminine light, which has long been suppressed, is going to come in and change everything.

But that view is too black-and-white. It’s not as if the energy of the feminine is going to come in and bedazzle the situation and that’s all it’s going to take. That idea then points to an idea “grace,” where one just steps aside for it to arrive.

But that viewpoint still assumes that we’re not God incarnate ourselves. It’s acting as if there’s something from outside – some power figure or essence outside of ourselves – that has nothing really to do with us. And it will arrive and make things happen.

To begin with, it might appear that way because when we begin to awaken to our higher selves, that Divine aspect has been so removed and hidden from us that we might perceive it as being from somewhere else, or as being other than us. But that has to do with the veils that lie between our ego selves and our higher selves. It’s only after a period of time in the process that we come to realize that it’s the true “me” that’s awakening.

So this is what happens in the dream scenario: my business partner speaks from a state of masculine insight or wisdom that can push things through and make them happen. He introduces that energy.

The tenant, whose feminine is so wounded, hears this only as something that is going to “violate” her. She has suppressed her ability to recognize masculine qualities as being useful in outer life.

I tend to have more raw energy, and I’m trying to figure out how to reconcile or align all of this. I end up making statements that shock and hurt everyone, because I’m trying to cause something to happen that isn’t possible.

In other words, we can no longer “see” or “hear” the inner, higher self when we act through the veil of ego-life mannerisms. So what is left is a sloppy, disturbed vibration in the energy of the meeting.

In your dream image, you were reconciling an aspect of who you are while you slept, and your higher self showed this as a type of downloading that was taking place beyond the normal façade of the outer life – and that’s exactly right.

When we become conscious enough we begin to see and recognize, inside, that there’s more going on in life than meets the eye. What we initially sense is that it’s going on somewhere behind the scenes, but it’s really our personal awakening.

It’s not something foreign to us. But, if we resign ourselves to believing that we are children and that somewhere else there is a father/mother who will dictate and bring about changes, we will never grow up. That idea puts the responsibility for this life outside of us, but really it rests squarely on our shoulders.

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John: Ordinarily I’m inclined to toss a dream like this one, but because I’m wrestling with something that was bothering me last night, I have to realize that dreams that seem insignificant can have a depth.

I’ve been experiencing a shutting-down quality, or a type of pain in myself and, as your psychic friend indicated, I have a really deep quality of pain inside me. I don’t know whether it comes from this lifetime or from a prior lifetime, but to her it’s obvious that I carry this, or have this in my psyche.

When we carry something like this, it becomes like a shadow quality that can be triggered by events or emotions in our lives. But it doesn’t serve any useful purpose for us. And in my dream, I’m shown that I can’t shut myself away from this sort of thing. There is the recognition of an imbalance, caused by this pain, which limits the container quality (a feminine aspect) in me, whereby something more can open up.

In this dream, I feel entrenched in a situation that I’m trying to overcome. If I am unable to do so, I will be allowing the expectations, or habituations, of my lower self prevent me from attaining something more.

In front of me is a huge salad bowl. It seems that the waitress is someone who serves people at her discretion. She dips smaller bowls into the huge salad and distributes them to her customers. She’s busy helping others, looking at me and smiling, but in a way that tells me she won’t serve me until last. She knows that I’ll put up with it, because I’m a pushover in this dream.

It feels hurtful to me because I’m not asserting myself. I’m not being attentive to what I need. So I feel the need to challenge the situation – to not stay entrenched – because I know that freezing up like this is detrimental to my wellbeing. I know it will cause me suffering.

The waitress continues to serve others, who assert their needs. I know that in due time she’ll get to me, but she may run out of salad by then.

I see this as a big problem. To right the situation, I take my bowl and dip it into the salad, right in front of her. It looks like a huge bowl of iceberg lettuce, but I dip my bowl so deep that I pull up from the bottom more than just iceberg lettuce. 

I find myself filling my bowl with goodies I didn’t realize were there, deep down. I’m a little taken aback by what I see because I didn’t get any iceberg lettuce, which is common and typical of what you’d expect on a salad. I’m getting things from down deep that have more nutrients in them. This even surprises the waitress.

I take a spoon and I do the same thing: I dip it down deep, getting the nutrients at the bottom.

The meaning is: when feeling pressure or distress, failure to act, or freezing up, is to remain out of sequence with the flow. This can lead to self-abuse in the sense that it causes a shut down, and the sense of resignation that it will all work out in the end, even though deep down we know it’s not true.

Just hoping for the best isn’t conscious living: the salad is going to run out. To maintain clarity, we need to remain fluid and open to deeper awareness (the nutritious food hidden in the bottom of the bowl).

When we overcome the ways in which we hold ourselves back, we reveal, through the higher self, an even more profound meaningfulness. All of life benefits when this occurs. However, if our reaction comes from spite – if we have a personal attitude or agenda instead of a connection to a natural flow – nothing is really learned. Thus, the issue is apt to continue to be repeated because there has been no real breakthrough.

It hurts the heart if we stay entrenched and hope for the best and endure the anxiety. When we do that we shut ourselves down and lose dexterity. Then our greater being continues to skim the surface, extracting, just as the dream indicates, only the iceberg lettuce – only the “food” with the least nutritional value. And we also fail to discover that there’s something down deep inside, of much greater nutritional value, to be found.

So if we continue a pattern of stepping back and hoping for something, we’re ordering, every day, iceberg lettuce from the menu of waking life. And, ultimately, what value will we get from that?

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