The Conversation

Jeane: We’ve been staying in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which is built in the shape of a pyramid. This is a dream I had, parts of which had a wonderful feeling of delight:

I’m in a pyramid room. I’m with a man who has been given to me as my husband. (He appears in the form of a person I knew in high school. I would say his characteristic is someone who is very bright and has both a rebellious side and a reserved side. He later became a police detective – the youngest detective on the force in a large city.) A friend of this man (my husband) is with us in this pyramid room; he’s quiet and kind of mellow.

What so delightful is that I’m given this small orb of energy – it’s a magenta color. It’s like a little blob of energy that’s very playful. It can change form, and it comes over to me and then bounces back and forth around the room. It really fills me with joy as I interact with it. It seems like it’s really young, but I have the sense that it’s growing up as I play with it.

John: So the key to this wonderful feeling is shown in your character description of this person you knew in high school. In other words, these are the traits that have opened something up for you in the dream imagery. Can you describe him again?

Jeane: Well, he came from a family where his brothers had a bit of a wild reputation, so he wasn’t entirely tame, but he was very bright and a bit more reserved. He left our small town and became a detective in a large California city. He has an interesting energy.

John: What you’re describing in terms of the traits that have opened something up in you as a linkage – the delightful ball of energy – is found in the contrast you’re describing between rebellion, which has a personal, emotionally-driven content, and being more reserved, like a detective, where you step back and look at the details of things impartially.

So you are playing the contrast – not letting one side or the other dominate. And this has to do with the way conditions can affect how we’re able to do things. You’re indicating that you have to weigh or balance a part of yourself that has this raw energy – the ball – that can bounce around and go in circles but, perhaps, not be able to pull something together. The detective side of you recognizes that a step-by-step, methodical approach can be more balanced and allow the energy to unfold in a more natural way.

Okay, go on.

Jeane:  As I continue to play with this little ball of energy, I do have the sense that it’s growing and that I’ll release it when it’s more mature.

Then my husband reflects about what would happen if I were ever unfaithful. I don’t even consider that as an option, and neither does the other man in the room. He tells my husband that he shouldn’t worry about that. Then my husband glances at me as though he’s wondering what I would do if I went into the world on my own, and I look at him and say, “That wouldn’t even be your concern,” and I go back to playing with the energy.

John: So you’re working with a higher octave, above the human characteristic (shown by the planetary concerns of infidelity). You’re interacting with the aliveness of light, or consciousness, that’s trapped or contained within matter.

The dialogue with your husband occurs from the perspective of human, physical mannerisms, where we tend to see ourselves as the aliveness in the world, and everything else is separate. But what you’re able to realize is that there’s aliveness far beyond personal indulgence. When we’re able to let go of the personal and be okay with how everything flows around us, it puts us at the threshold of having equalized the energetic and the physical realms in us.

In the dream, the questions of the physical realm don’t even concern you – they’re not an issue – so you don’t focus any energy toward them. You look instead at a bigger picture and thus you’re able to dance and rejoice and be exhilarated by the wonderfulness of the aliveness that you’re able to access.

That access isn’t possible when you put your focus on the human traits and characteristics you find in others, and therefore in yourself. You have set those aside. And therefore you relate to life in a much broader way.

So the dream is like a dialogue with yourself, to let some part of you know what you already know.

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