Coming Clean

Jeane: This is a chase dream, and it would repeat with different escape scenarios.

Something happens in a town where I live. There’s a very powerful man – he and his cronies have found out that I have some jewels and gold and they are going to come after me. I don’t even know if they’re mine or if I took them from him. I’m not sure how I got them, but I have them. 

Since he’s coming after me, there are different scenarios in which I try to escape. Sometimes there is a man with me. At one point, we run away together and we go into a swamp, or some area where it would be hard for the others to find us. There are people there who hide us. 

Whenever we’re making an escape we have to go through water and sometimes even go underwater. In one version of the dream, I have to go alone because the man I’m with has gone into an area where the people are going to capture him. I’m afraid they’ll figure out that I’m there, too, so I jump in the water on my own to get to a hiding place.

In the last version, I realize that they’re coming and there’s no time to get together with my companion – I’ll have to get away on my own. The people hunting us are already in the house, so I can’t escape in the same way we’ve escaped in other versions of this dream. 

Somehow I make it onto a huge, old-fashioned ship and I’m climbing around the mast. I realize that they’re going to see me and that I’m going to have to jump. I’ve hidden the jewels in my bra and zipped up my coat so that it will cover them.

I jump, and while I’m falling I realize that there are huge waves in the ocean below and I think I’m going to go underwater or get tossed around by the waves. Somehow, though, the waves just lift me up and take me somewhere.

John: In general terms, at the beginning of a spiritual path, when you have a chase scene in a dream, it often has to do with something trying to awaken in you. However, in this particular instance, you are carrying an innocence that has been contaminated.

Can innocence really be contaminated? Only to the degree that confusion can create a veil that obscures or limits the innocence. The means to redeem yourself when this happens is shown in the dream in that you have to keep going back into the water (the unconscious in dreams) for a resolution – something you can carry inside that will make a difference.

If you can’t reach that resolution, then you’re going to be contaminated by the masculine nature of life (the men chasing you) because you’ve become veiled from the deeper knowing and truth within. In other words, from your innocent state you’ve been affected by your surroundings (finding yourself with gold and jewels) that have become a deviation from your innocence.

What’s interesting, though, is that your deviation, as far as the dream feels to me, doesn’t seem to have put you in position where you are unclean. Deep down you carry a truth. You hold it at a level of honor, at a level of… well, it’s a note in your character that supersedes, in its inwardness, the outer effects that surround you.

Your dream is also a guidance dream in that it’s setting forth the hint or suggestion that you are able to go back at some depth inside yourself to restore yourself; to return to that which you know to be true. So, the pursuing quality that exists in this dream has a shift and change-agent aspect to it that makes it different from what most people experience in terms of chase dreams.

In your case, the chase scene has to do with you sorting out the ambiguities that are blocking your ability to go back and fully touch this deeper space within.

In the more common chase dream, the pursuer would be an aspect of your higher self trying to come through – trying to catch up to you to cause an awakening. The more you resist being caught, the more the pursuer can take on the characteristics of a monster. In that sense, we should stop running and allow ourselves to be caught.

In a deeper aspect of dreaming, you’re actually trying to affect a presence within yourself as a space instead of as a form. So you have to contend with that which is like a form – what is around you – in order to become more of who you are as a space. And in that space, you are innocent; you’re clean. You carry a note that cannot be violated.

It cannot be violated because you didn’t do anything to defile that note. It may have gotten veiled or confused, or it may have lost its clarity, but the deeper meaning is that you’re sorting out, and feeling vibrationally, the degree to which something stands in the way of you catching up with that note. You can sense it, but you can’t put your finger on.

So your way of reconnecting with that note is by going back into the water (your subconscious) in order to come out again in a more pure state. It’s very interesting.

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