A Wise Investment

John: Yesterday we spoke about the need to let go of the patterns that have developed in us through living an egocentric life, meaning a life of separation from the Oneness of Creation (see The Journey Back). Once the patterns drop, what we go through then takes us somewhere that is much closer to our natural self. And what we’ll find is that we’ve opened ourselves to something far greater than we could have possibly anticipated. Whatever we might hold in us as an expectation pales in comparison to having truly transcended the density of an ego-based life.

I’m given a glimpse into this idea in this next dream.

So in my dream I go to a post office and I’m the second in line. There’s a person in front of me, but I step out of line to ask a quick question before I step back to wait my turn. I turn my head – I must be looking back or maybe I’m talking to the person behind me – and a woman with two suitcases slips in front of me because there’s a little open space. She thinks that she can just slip in and be unnoticed.

When I turn around, I move her bags off to one side. She reacts in a righteous way, so I pick up one of her bags and throw it against the wall. It bounces off and I tell her that she belongs at the back of the line. She thinks my conduct is outrageous, so I say to her, “Someone wants to teach you a lesson.”

The way I say this is not mean spirited. It feels like this incident is happening for her own good. In other words, my words don’t carry anger or anything like that. They’re actually instructive, even though the appearance of what’s taking place might look petty to someone who can’t see beyond that. It might look like someone just went crazy or something. 

All of a sudden the dream automatically switches to the next image. A postal clerk now calls me to the front of the line: I’m next. I realize that the clerk looks a lot like the woman I bounced out of line.

As circumstances would have it, it seems as if there’s been a time warp because now we’re at a new post office. I remember her: she’s been the assistant to the postmaster at the other post office for a very long time. It takes her a moment to remember me. She’s now the postmaster at this new location and she’s excited about it.

I congratulate her and tell her that this promotion will be really good for her retirement because she’ll get 150% of her regular salary when she retires. She says it’s even better than that and that she’s set for life. She indicates that they’ve already set up an IRA that has been very well invested.  

She quotes me some number and I quickly do the math and I say, “Oh wow, that’s $90,000 a year.” She says, “No, that’s only part of it.”

That’s when I wake up.

Isn’t that a wild dream? What these images are showing me is that, if I learn my lessons about being too indulgent, too righteous, too cringing and self-conscious as defense mechanisms, etc., I can get back into a flow that goes to deeper places within. The flow “mails” me to where I need to be and, oh, what a wonderful retirement plan there is designed for those who let go of their complexes! 

New vistas have opened up and the awakening is more than what anyone might have imagined, far more than the standard “retirement package.” And the message also is saying that in the journey I don’t have to be so hard on myself because once I bounce through that, this other possibility opens up. Though the image of me throwing the woman’s bags may have seemed hard, my words didn’t carry that kind of scolding.

In other words, what opens up in terms of how we grow or how we become, which is the real importance in life, we can’t anticipate. We can’t gauge it in the terms that we normally might think about or ponder it. We can only experience it, and when we experience it, it’s because who and what we have become has touched it.

That’s the only way we can experience it – by touching it or becoming it. Until we reach that, all of our experiences are illusions, created by some peculiar belief system (an egocentric life) that holds us back from the truth.

In the end, it’s a matter of following our heart, on the level of an inner flow – as a oneness. That oneness leads into and is – before it’s over – a Oneness or a wholeness with all of life.

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