Inner Traveling

Jeane: In this dream, my husband and I are going to our new home. It’s in a tower apartment where we drive our car inside the building up to our floor. There’s a security guard from India who seems to both tease us and threaten us as though he can go into our home and have the run of the place.

As we drive up to our floor we are somewhat apprehensive. Then we see a woman from India, who’s a neighbor. She has come out of her unit and is standing there shooting at us with a gun filled with fluid. We seem to get a rifle or a gun that’s similar, and we shoot her with the fluid.

The fluid runs down her body and then we come to our apartment unit. There’s another man from India who’s coming out of the gate, and we’re annoyed and wary, but he says he’s the real security guard and that he’s making sure everything is okay. We don’t know if we believe him because of the other guard we’ve seen. 

About this time I get tired of these people threatening us, so I show him that I have a real gun behind my back. I tell him that I’m just not willing to play this game where they keep coming in and out.

John: Well, the theme of this dream is gaining access. You’re trying to reach a place within (driving inside the building) that represents a center that, for you, exists within this situation that you’re facing.

So what you’re describing is a process of finding what is there to open up. You enter the building and come upon a security guard from India, which speaks of an ancient connection for you. He represents the first gate you must travel through.

As you pass through the first gate and start climbing, accessing deeper within, you have to contend with little resistances that are attempting to keep you asleep – to keep you from a deeper awakening. In other words, they can shoot you with some numbing fluids, or you can struggle to push back.

You struggle to do something (firing the fluids back), and as you get closer to the epicenter inside yourself, you discover another security guard. So, this whole scenario is a kind of inner traveling.

In other words, this is a dream in which you experience an unfolding, in what can be considered Traveling In God, compared to Traveling Toward God. The reason I say that is because the whole experience has an energetic process about it.

At the first security guard you’re looking for something meaningful and there’s a certain vibration that exists there that you must go through in order to begin climbing. Then you run into other obstacles that can drain your energy – they’re an attempt to compromise the distance you can travel.

As you proceed, you eventually reach an energetic epicenter in which suddenly there is another person who says that he’s the real security guard. All of these figures are connected to the path that you’re on. All of these various gates, so to speak, are from India – an ancient tradition, or part of you. The journey has taken you to a point where you’re exhausted, and in that exhaustion there can be confusion or a sense of losing your way, which might limit how much can be opened up.

Jeane: Well, just before I woke up I showed them that I wasn’t going to put up with this nonsense. I fought back, waving a real gun. I wasn’t interested in sorting out who was the real security guard and who was the threat. It felt like, “Excuse me, stop playing with me on this.”

John: Okay. So, you finished on a powerful note. You finished with the conviction that’s required to cause everything to pop wide open.

So, you reach deep inside yourself, and you come back strong, passing through these inner gates. In terms of making this journey, you’re developing inner power. So by the time you reach the apartment – the main source of power – you’re ready to gain more direct inner access.

This is exactly what you need at this particular juncture on the path in order to break through those chains, or those restrictions, or those barriers that would hold you back. If you didn’t have the strength to fight through, your unconscious patterns or defense mechanisms would prevent you getting any further.

If you didn’t have sufficient power inside, you might have tried to sort our which guard was real. You were strong enough, however, so those details didn’t matter. I mean you’re at the door to the apartment and you’re going in.

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