The Surrender Process

Jeane: In this dream I get something in the mail. I receive an envelope and inside there is the name of a car, a car key, and the location of the car at some house. Apparently this car and house have been sitting abandoned for a long time. The government is getting rid of abandoned properties, so they give them away by sending envelopes with the key and the address.

A friend of mine’s son is with me and he’s going to come with me to look at the car and the house. I have the thought that because I already have a car and a house, I should give these to him.

Then we arrive. The car is green and an older model that’s been abandoned for a while. The house turns out to be something that was owned by an old Chinese couple and they were selling things out of it. There are still a lot of different Chinese carvings and jewelry in the house.

When I see that it has a certain value, I consider taking it back for myself, but then I think, no, I’ve said I would give it to the young man. I feel that he’s just starting out and that I should support that. But I do have the idea that if I see a particular object in the house that appeals to me, I might ask him for that.

I go looking in the display cases, and there’s an old carved dragon and some green jade. I don’t actually ask for anything but I’m looking. Then a Chinese man comes in who’s also a merchant, and he wants to buy the house from the boy, but he only offers him $5,000, which I think is low even though the house needs a lot of renovation. It’s been abandoned for quite a while, so I’m not sure how the boy will manage.

So I follow the man and the boy and we walk back to the front of the house. I’m interested in what’s going to happen next. We step into a large room that has an oak floor that’s just been refinished. I had forgotten about that; we step on the floor and our feet get all tacky from the sealant.

I look at the others. We all suddenly lift our shoes up because they are all sticky and I notice that I had cleared two or three areas on the floor where we hadn’t put the sealant; we make our way to them and stand.

I’m amused that I had refinished the floor and forgotten all about it. That’s when I wake up.

John: What you’re describing incorporates what is considered the surrender process in the journey. You already have a house and a car  – that’s all you need. In other words, there’s completeness and fullness already part of your nature.

However, you have to give something away in order to see something further. You give away the car, which leads you to the house in which there is a presence and knowing. It’s in creation. The vehicle you give to the young boy of yourself, or to the inner masculine innocence of yourself. 

This boy then discovers that the house has a number of latent, ancient treasures from a long ago time. This giving to the masculine, which is a further revealing of inner depths that you already fully have inside of you but aren’t aware of, is what creates the process of flow and enfolding by which something goes to a deeper center – the center that Travels In God.

The giving, which is an aspect of forgiveness in outer life, has to be done freely; you can’t add qualifiers to it. When it is done freely, then and only then are you able to see what is there.

So to begin with, what you see – the things of value in the house – are things that, because of your new awareness, give you that fleeting moment where you ponder whether you should take it all back. You realize there’s value in what you’re giving away. But you don’t go back on your promise; you’ve given it away, so then you have to fully let it go.

By letting go completely, it creates another shift. The old Chinese man (ancient wisdom) enters the scene, and he plays a much larger role in terms of his power over this place (inner depth), in the sense of opening up the real meaning of what all of these charges are about.

It’s interesting how this unfolds, so I think it’s worth delving into a little further tomorrow.

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