Mining the Inner

John: This particular dream is trying to sort out an energetic. It has both the ancient and current aspects, just like your dream (see The Surrender Process).

As this dream starts off, I’m looking at a company that has land leases in an area where I used to spend time when I was younger. Because of the way it’s now being used, it’s not how I remember it, so I’m trying to make sense out what I’m seeing.

I’m studying this area because I’ve been invited to get involved with this holding company; there’s a feeling that there’s something to the land, but I don’t know. I’m trying to establish if going forward with this project makes any sense.

The company has control over the key access corridors, which is good. I know this because of my remembered knowledge of the land – I used to run (flow) freely there as a child. Yet I notice now that there is an adjacent property that I never paid much attention to before. As I look, I see a tanker truck.

It’s the type of truck that would hold natural gas or fluids, which I take to be injection chemicals some company is using as part of their extraction discovery process. As I stare at this tanker, in my mind I am wondering how it works.

I’m surprised that I’ve returned to this area, which was quiet and dormant when I was young, to find that I’m looking at doing a project in the same place so many years later. Back then, it was just property I took for granted as being part of the neighborhood. I flowed freely about and played in it. Now the same area is thought to be carrying some potential, which needs further enfoldment.

The meaning here is that I am trying to evaluate the energetic potential of this area. I’m aware that I’d taken this area for granted when I was growing up but, now that I’m more awakened in life, I see that it has tremendous potential within.

What I’m trying to reconcile in this image is how I feel about the current situation. I liked the feeling of the place when I was in a state of innocence (amnesia) and it was wide open and didn’t attract the interest of anyone.

Now you might say there’s a type of stickiness to the place. I haven’t fully determined what the potential might be, yet I sense that there’s something there that I have to take responsibility over.

So I don’t know the depth or scope of what is to be further revealed. I mean, even that isn’t really clear because in the dream I haven’t convinced myself that this area is worth developing. Of course, seeing this tanker truck indicates that someone else is probing. I get the sense that nothing significant has happened yet.

I’m at the stage where I have to decide if it makes sense for me to commit further. This energetic from my inner, dream life, is no different than what I’m trying to sort out about living in Vegas. First, I have an ancient memory about Vegas back before it was discovered. Today this same ancient undeveloped property has been discovered but only discovered in a certain capacity – there’s something even deeper behind it.

It’s a latent inner treasure, in other words, that has yet to be revealed. I’m not sure how I actually feel about what currently exists in Vegas. I need to establish what the treasure there is before I can commit further to the surrounding neighborhood.

Yet somehow I feel that the most precious of holdings are at my disposal. I am trying to establish the best course of action – that feels energetically right – before I take the next step deeper within. The way to go further within has not yet been revealed. I’m still in shock that what had been ancient stomping grounds has become the epicenter of my inner path.

What I’m noticing is that your dreams relate more to the foundational core of where we are, meaning the building, and I’m aspiring to the light and brightness of things in terms of the surrounding area. You see the building as the epicenter of the inner space of your beingness.

What’s interesting is how you’re going to sort out the shiny part from the tacky part, as I try to sort out whatever treasure is supposed to be buried here that hasn’t yet come through.

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