Lady on a Train

Jeane: In this dream, I’m traveling in a railroad car that’s been taken over by bad guys. There are a number of us being held captive, including a woman senator and her daughter.

I realize that these men holding us captive may have plans to molest the women, or bother them in some way, so I manage to get to the side of the car and jump out. The train is passing alongside the Okanogan River and it’s nighttime. I’m able to just clear the bank and land in the river. It doesn’t even feel like I get wet; I just know the water catches me.

Then I get up and start walking and I see another train coming down the tracks. This time the train itself is nearly transparent and I can see a light on inside. There’s an engineer driving the train and it’s pulling just one or two cars.

As the train approaches, I wave to get his attention. He sees me and picks me up. At that moment I know that everybody else will get help, too.

John: What you’re able to do here is very interesting. In the night’s first dream (see Let It Be), the image showed lines of energy that are coming through in their pure state, undefined and uncontaminated by any directionality. In other words, they have not been used for any personal agenda. When we don’t impose ourselves on the energy, we are able to more directly usher it, through us, into life. 

Now in this second dream, you’ve taken a step back from that pure energy state, and that’s because there’s still something in your nature that’s lingering, whatever it might be, that causes you to feel an inner obstruction. This causes the “over-the-top” feeling, shown in the train dream. Because you were unable to remain calm, balanced, and feel at ease with what was happening in the pure energy state.

So you find yourself on a train, going somewhere, and an energetic has been presented to you for visibility, but that doesn’t last long. We don’t even see this energy in this dream, but we know it’s there because what ensues is your reaction to it.

And your reaction comes from a personal indulgence – a mood, or mannerism, or pattern – that alters the energetic. Basically your indulgence causes you to be alienated from this (energetic) space, which then creates the sensation that you’re being pursued or in danger. This indulgence doesn’t work very well when you’re really going somewhere, when you’re traveling within something, so it throws you off the train.

You are caused to jump off the train because you can’t be in that space with your contamination of it as well. Because you are at the point where you’re meant to be able to embody and carry that pure energy in a free-flow process of letting go. The act of jumping off the train actually serves to take away the intensity of the overindulgence or reaction, so you are quickly able to come back into that space (hop on the next train).

So then you get back on the train and you can travel some more. It’s a give and take process. You’re using this manner of “traveling within” as a way to perceive the impediments that are still in the way of you freely traveling.

This is not a dream about a shadow characteristic. At least you don’t describe it in that way (a shadow characteristic is one in which you’re still Traveling Toward God, and you still need to resolve the darker side of your nature; obstructions to the flow are still arising.)

Though you may still have dark sides to your nature, you’re no longer working on that. You’re Traveling In God. You’re traveling in this space, so the degree to which you still have some unfulfilled indulgences, or shadow aspects, they become the material that churns up in reaction to the light of things.

The image shows you being thrown out, but you’re not supposed to be thrown out. You’re meant to take those last small aspects (indulgences) and let go of them, too. So, you’re meant to be on the train. You’re meant to be traveling in this new part of yourself, which is a shift to your enfolding.

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