Coming Through Clean

John: My dreams all took a bizarre turn. The images seemed absurd in relation to what was happening. I was using a new energy that was coming from really deep inside and, instead of being able to bring it through cleanly, it was stirring up everything that’s a disturbance in me.

As long as I continue to do that, I prevent the new energy from coming through and instead push something out in front of it that’s an old pattern, or anger, or frustration about any number of things.

So the dream has to do with all kinds of screwball ideas that show me that I’m taking the new energy and appropriating it to help solve my indulgences. For example, one scene involves a bakery shop (that exists in my waking life) that features gluten-free bread. There are some legal issues cropping up for them, but in the dream my solution is to add a meatpacking area to the shop. You know, a place that can be used for shaping and carving sides of beef or something.

A meatpacking place might provide a service that’s needed, but it’s completely different in sensibility to an all-natural bakery. This bizarre image just shows how strange it can get when you take new energy into an old attitude or mannerism, treating it as if that’s how it should be used. It isn’t. The new energy should be brought through us cleanly and freely, without any additions. That’s an aspect of humans being in service to Creation.

I’m able to see this with a broader perspective now, but because I’m indulging rather than bringing through the raw energy, I’m transposing the energy from a “form” into a “space.” That’s imposing a limitation on it – that’s defining it or reducing it because of my interference.

This and other images bounced around during the night, but this is what I wrote up about it. It’s an esoteric rendition of trying to feel the vibration. So, that’s why I think the theme of the dream is to be receptive to an original thought coming from the vibration.

An original thought, in other words, is a thought that one lets go of, that one doesn’t apply to anything in particular. When it is left as it is, it can work its energy in a multiplicity of ways, for each person to utilize as they see fit. It can become a tuning fork vibration for anyone to connect into.

To do this, I must let go into a greater depth within. The vibration is like light: light, in and of itself, carries everything that’s necessary – it carries the full spectrum, it carries information. Light carries a knowing and, as we access the different gradients of light inside ourselves, we can access different gradients of a natural knowing.

The same is true for sound rather than light. Sound is a vibration that has imbedded in it the seeds that can spring forth into life, and thereby usher in new possibilities. But if we are self-indulgent, the new becomes the bizarre. If we’re not indulgent and we go to our heart  – if we hold it in the heart instead of in the mind – the inflections are then original and they can bring about change.

Remember your dream where you were able to see the space with the lines of energy? If you indulge in a personal way, you just can’t bring it through. But if it can come through uncontaminated as much as possible, then it is released into life and can do incredible things.

Your follow-up dream showed exactly that – a reaction was set off in you and you felt in danger and had to jump from a moving train. However, when you’re Traveling In God you’re meant to bring things straight through because God is in everything. Because you were traveling in that, you were able to jump back on the next train.

In my case, I’m getting the insight but the images are off because I’m not truly neutral in terms of my outer nature. Consequently, I take the new note, or vibration, and misuse it, and it becomes a myriad of thoughts that attempt to alleviate the reactivity or denseness that I carry.

Yet I understand that every time energy gets to a certain point in me, I get in the way. I block and blur and stifle it from coming out freely. What’s interesting, though, is we’ve reached a point where we can see this; we’re meant to see this.

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