Grounding Energy Into Life

John: In yesterday’s post, we spoke about how new energy can come through us and, if we don’t commandeer it for our own personal purposes, it can be brought into life intact, where it can then be accessible to anyone for any number of uses (see Coming Through Clean).

It’s an important concept, and it relates to the nature of service human beings can provide God and Creation. We are constantly in the wash of new energies, and we are designed to bring them through us without adding any contamination. When that happens, the energies go from being a possibility to being a material expression into the world. Humans can take what is pure energetic potential and process it into reality.

Most humans, however, do contaminate this flow of new energy by reacting in personal, ego-based ways, or from old patterns. That causes a warp in the energy, so it is no longer what it was – it is different. And it is different in a way that renders it useless in terms of causing something new to happen, whether in us or in anyone else.

That’s why it’s considered an indulgence to let our personal baggage interfere with natural processes, because it’s an act of selfishness to take a beautiful clean energy and misuse it to the point that no one else can use it either.

But our dreams are showing that we still have work to do in terms of letting go of our inner patterns and personal indulgences. We are not yet clean conduits through which Creation can gain access into physical life.

That’s why my dream had these bizarre scenarios, because the vibration I’m experiencing is new to me and on a certain inner level, when we experience something new, we seek to quickly attach it to our past experience – that’s our way of making the unknown known. But it completely limits the possibility by turning the future into our past, rather than just letting it go through and be out there for the good of the whole.

This dream sensation is meant to cause me to recognize that I have to learn to be in life in such a way that the energy is able to remain in its state, without having to be defined and steered, which we use as a type of power and control. I know that this new energy is for a design beyond what I’m able to grasp – I just want to get out of the way.

This flow of energy is not meant to cause a “doing” in me, where I associate it with other things. Those associations only veil me from the energy that’s meant to come freely into creation. This is part of the awakening process, because in the beginning the light exposes all the darkness and denseness in us. As we let go of that, we can begin to feel this tremendous infusion coming through, even though it’s just a fraction of what can eventually come through.

The dense way, the physical way, or the personal-ego-based way, all impose expectations on the world. The clean way is to drop all of that completely, and just know that the vibration and the inner note is the excitement – in and of itself. It requires nothing more. It doesn’t need to be given physical form, per se.

If we look at this from the perspective of how energy works – electricity – the key is that whenever there is a release of electricity, it has to be grounded to make it safe. But there’s a fine line between grounding the electrical signal and still being able to power the light bulbs.

When you push a three-pronged plug into the wall, the third prong is for grounding and it stabilizes the flow of current. Yet the light still comes through. A human being is meant to work similarly, in terms of taking the energy through and grounding it into life, not as an indulgence, but graciously.

We don’t want to ground our reactions, because that’s instability and can short out the circuits. It’s the genuineness that we want to ground, otherwise we just block the energy flow from coming through.

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