The Change Agent

Jeane: I slept pretty soundly and I don’t remember much of my dream. My impression is that I’m at a large shopping center with parking garages. There’s a man somewhere in the parking garage and I feel like I’m either trying to avoid him or connect with him. 

I don’t feel that I have a personal relationship with him, but there’s some kind of connection between us. Either he’s moved or I’ve moved, but when we try to connect we keep missing each other. I can’t remember whether I wanted to miss him for a certain period of time or if I’m trying to connect with him because there’s been a shift. 

It’s such a large space to search around that you have to have your timing coordinated. I think we finally do connect but it seemed to take a long time.

John: The image of the parking garage is an image of a condition that is fixed – where you’re holding onto a particular condition that exists in terms of how you see yourself on one level, more or less as a result of one’s senses and mind or outer mannerism. Then this man that you’re meant to connect with – and you know that it’s meant to happen – is a connection that involves you having to make a shift.

That’s a connection that takes you from your current state and enables you to make a shift – to go along with something new. Until you make that connection, it’s like being parked; you’re fixed. You’re waiting. You’re in a position in which what is meant to emerge, or come through you, or catch up with you, or awaken you – however you would describe that process of enfoldment – has not yet happened.

You know it’s coming, you know it’s converging, but there’s a part of this dream that could actually make you feel somewhat depressed because if you came to see yourself as stuck, or parked and…

Jeane: But the man is in the parking garage; I’m trying to get there.

John: Okay, that’s a bit different.

Jeane: He might be someone who supervises where people park, that sort of thing. He’s got a little golden energy with which he moves things around.

John: Hmmm. So, what you have is a mixed role with the masculine. On one hand, the masculine appears to be stuck, or parked, on the other hand the masculine is something that has to be rescued: he’s at the parking garage and you have to meet there.

Then on another level, the masculine brings in the seed that brings about the change. These are diametric processes. You have three things going on. You have something that on one level is parked, on another level has to be rescued, and on yet another level is an element or quality that brings about change.

It’s almost like you’re portraying three dynamics of amnesia: the parking part, the part where something needs to be jarred or awakened (something needs to connect with the masculine in a grounding way because it’s off the ground), and yet you can’t be too cavalier about that either because the masculine carries in something that brings the change agent, the seed for something new.

The purpose of a dream like this, and why you’re able to dream a dream like this, is that you’re able to accept things as they are, knowing that there’s something more going on. If you view the situation as stuck or parked, you would be at your wits end in regard to doing anything new in life. For example, it would make our move to Las Vegas abhorrent for you.

However, in viewing the situation as something that has to be helped or rescued, that idea keeps you on the path of trying to help alleviate something in Creation. By viewing the situation as offering something more, something that’s beyond your capability or grasp, it shows awe and respect for the fact that the masculine is the quality that brings forth. Maybe it’s imbalanced, maybe it’s stuck, but it brings forth the change that can be realized into Creation.

I recall a woman teacher who would frequently say, “Okay, that’s a dichotomy, and both things are true.” In this dream you actually have three things occurring on different levels and they’re all true. You have something that’s parked or stuck, you have something that needs to be reached, and you have the quality whereby that which is stuck and needs to be reached is the precursor to what needs to come through. It’s carrying the memo.

Quite amazing.

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