The Prison of the Lower Self

Jeane: In this dream I’m on an island, but this island is a large prison. I don’t have the sense that there are fences or bars to keep me in, but because it’s isolated there’s also no sense of freedom.

However, I do know I’m going to be given a pass by the warden to go somewhere. This pass means that I can leave briefly or have a little more freedom for a while. One of the limitations with this pass, though, is that I know there’s a lion wandering around on the property. At some point I’m going to have to sit down and have an interaction with this lion. I don’t seem to be too afraid of the lion; it’s just a side note to what’s going on.

Meanwhile, before I get my pass and go out to interact with the lion, I’m observing other prisoners and I’m wondering how they’re going to handle things. One of the men seems more restricted than I am.

Then I go inside a building and I run into old friends that lead personal growth seminars. (This encounter also has the feeling of a side dream within the larger dream.) These friends are in town promoting some new people that they’re very excited about who are giving a seminar. 

One of the men is Native American and I’m observing his program material as I interact with my friends. Next I go into some of the individual groups and observe what’s going on and looking at the people that are attending. I’m seeing how everyone is interacting.

Afterwards I’m talking with one of the seminar leaders and someone comes in and sets down an elaborately decorated cloth and then lays down on it. I see that the woman seminar leader has sewn a design into the cloth that has the shape of an open cup or glass – it has three sides and is open at the top and very straight. It looks like she has sewn it on a machine. 

Another man says that this design represents what’s happening, or what is supposed to be done for the seminar. He’s surprised at how simple it looks. I comment that the seminar leader always does it that way and that it will actually work well for what it represents.

Then I’m talking to another prisoner, who’s also supposed to get out on a pass. In the back of my mind I’m still wondering whether I’m going to have this encounter with the lion.

John: First of all, symbolically, the prison that you’re in is considered the lower-self nature of your being. There’s a process going on in you in terms of reconciling the lower self with the higher self. So we see you in the prison (lower self) and then we see you at the personal growth seminars (higher self).

A Native American man (ancient tradition) and a woman are leading the seminars. The woman has designed and sewn a cloth showing the feminine symbol of the cup. This cup represents the openness and vacancy that is to be filled spiritually. The cloth also speaks of you quilting or piecing the parts of yourself together so that you are able to leave the prison of your lower self.

It’s an interesting dream in that it is describing how you have one foot back in the lower self of your nature – your ego-based aspect – where you’re having to sort things out. That sorting process is known as “Traveling Toward God.”

If you were in your lower-self nature when confronting the lion – meaning still in the prison – you would be very fearful because the energetic power that the lion represents would be way, way too much to handle. But as you progress and develop and come to know more of your higher self, you gain the sense of being able to break away from this prison. Going outside the prison of your lower self is where the journey of “Traveling In God” begins, or at least it’s a distinct shift in terms of how you work on yourself.

Tomorrow we can delve a litter further into the discussion that this process represents.

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