Finding Our Balance

John: To continue this series of images from your dreaming, yesterday we saw how you transitioned from the first dream in which a woman is cleverly causing you to think that what is intended (something more) is your idea (in the way of seducing you). In the second dream, this same energetic comes in the form of the ferret, a feminine representation that seduces you by its cuteness, yet you are also aware that the cuteness can quickly turn ferocious.

So in the second dream you’re compelled to realize the “something more” by relating to the man; the feminine aspect is not enough, it must be balanced by the input of the masculine for the full nature of something to be understood. So you need to stop the feminine (ferret) from distracting you, thereby creating the space for you to hear, or take in, the rest of the information.

In the first image you’re naïve, in the second you’re less naïve. So let’s see what happens next.

Jeane: In the next little scene I’m doing some counseling, but my office opens onto a courtyard and there are some young girls who have an appointment with me. However, when I look into the courtyard, I see the man who was there when the ferrets were there – and he really looks miserable. He really needs to talk.

I decide to see him first even though the girls have an appointment. I want him to express what’s bothering him in a direct way because I’m taking time away from the girls. It’s hard for him to do that, so I get distracted a bit. He’s taking his time and they’re waiting; it creates a certain tension.

John: This is the dilemma one faces when part of you (the feminine), which feels itself to be complete in a Creation sense, develops a way of proceeding on its own that works and has a degree of balance to it – as far as it knows.

When it gets like that, then the masculine, which can normally be too distant or separate, seems to become even more disoriented or discombobulated in its nature – causing even greater separation. The man has trouble expressing himself, and you feel the tug of returning to the girls. This is a signal that your sense of balance is false – something isn’t right.

The feminine here is inconvenienced by the masculine and caught up solely in its own perspective of how things need to be in the outer world and what it has a responsibility toward. From the perspective of the masculine, this leads to a type of preening in the feminine, i.e., she can lead herself into thinking that she has a certain knowingness that’s natural to her and she doesn’t necessarily need the masculine perspective.

We see a lot of people in the world with this imbalance, and they’re often caught up in various crusades. They’ve identified with traits and qualities in Creation, but they aren’t necessarily carrying the Divine Will through. They generally have access to it to some degree, but tend to limit what they’ll allow themselves to hear because they’ve taken a particular viewpoint. They put that viewpoint on a pedestal and then they make everything else echo its way toward it, as if that’s the preeminent thing.

But there’s nothing that stands out uniquely separate from anything else in Creation. In other words, Creation is in a state of balance and the Divine is in a state of balance and, ultimately, they are one and the same. If we go off on a single tangent (wholly masculine or feminine, for example) we estrange ourselves from the whole.

If you go off on the masculine tangent – the opposite of what you’re dream is implying – then you can look like a crazy person and a fanatic. That’s when you can be quoting this and that as if you know something. But what you carry hasn’t been held in a feminine way, so you’ll lack the necessary listening center. It’s like the spirit energy is then trapped in Creation and can’t come through.

If you go the other way, allowing something to open up, it’s like a bolt of lightning comes and brings through an epiphany in your nature. The way you sort out or put that epiphany into some perspective or balance is by identifying certain things as key or crucial; then all the input in relationship to that comes from a greater whole. All the other input has to fall as a subset to this primary epiphany that you carry in a feminine-directed way.

Your dream shows you to be at this extreme – you’re still holding on to something personal. Your keenness in Creation, as a responsibility (returning to the girls), has been accentuated instead of being in balance (listening to the man), where the inner and the outer come together, so that you get the full memo coming through from Creation, from the Divine, and from the masculine.

Forest for the Trees

Jeane: A lot of my dreams last night were just little scenes. I woke up around 2:00 am and that happened because we’d been to a wine tasting. When I have wine, I don’t sleep well.

I was in a large building that was a lot like the wine cellar we were in last night, trying to find my way around and just getting impressions. One impression is that I enter a room and a woman there seems to be trying to set me up. She’s attempting to take me to bed, and then she’s going to accuse me of trying to seduce her.

I catch on to the plan and play naïve. I get out of bed. I’m talking and distancing myself from the setup when a young woman enters the room. She’s fairly innocent and I try to steer her clear of the entire scene. I’m talking and being distracting, so whatever the agenda of the first woman is, it doesn’t play out. 

That’s one part.

John: This image shows that there are things in the outer, waking life, that give an enticing appearance and you think you know what’s intended. i.e., in this case you think it’s a set-up. But you’re really dealing with a limitation in terms of the feminine aspect of Creation. As something comes out of Creation and gets your attention, it doesn’t necessarily have all of the facts yet. The facts are brought through by the masculine.

There’s a closeness to Creation, often times called a denseness, that appears in a situation and, if that’s all you’re focused on, you tend to be seduced by what is happening in the collective around you.

This dream is introducing to you the fact that this is happening to you, i.e., the seduction is you slowly coming to think that you know what is meant or intended. Another way to say this is that you think it’s “your idea.”

Your dream is supposed to cause you to recognize that there’s something slightly off in that. What’s missing, and what your next dream images may bring forward, is the masculine spark or seed, or the facts, or the clarity, or the knowingness that comes down and through and touches Creation. In other words, Creation may wake up with this, that, or the other going on, but what’s the other half, the other linkage, that pulls it together?

Jeane: Okay, so in the next part I feel like the whole scene takes place in the same structure but that it’s in an outer area. A person comes up to me, a man, but I’m a little distracted from talking to him because there’s a ferret crawling up my back and head. I have mixed feelings about this because in one way it’s a cute, furry little animal, but it’s also a furry little animal with teeth and I don’t know what it’s going to do.

I lift the ferret off my back and kind of toss him to the ground where there’s another ferret that he can roll around with. That helps me talk to the man because I’m no longer distracted.

John: Yes, so here is the masculine linkage.

A ferret is an animal that, at first glance, is very huggable and friendly, like a pet. But it’s also a wild animal. It seems so cute and harmless, but its nature is that of a weasel; it can be very ferocious. The playful antics and the cuteness you see is a type of disguise (a seduction).

So what this dream is saying is that there’s a type of closeness in which there’s also a latent uneasiness. The ferret is feminine. It’s an animal. All animals, in this regard, are bringing vibrations in from Creation that encompass a greater whole. In that sense it’s feminine – a greater whole that’s in Creation.

Your ability to focus and have the attention to hear what’s meant to be (from the man in the dream) requires you to distance yourself just a little (from the ferret) in order to take it in. It’s an image that shows that if you’re too close you can’t see the forest for the trees. If you get too close to something you can’t sense what brings in the information, or sense the bigger picture. In order to pull that through you have to create a space inside yourself.

You notice that there’s something more being brought to your attention. The feminine, in its closeness, can tend to get caught up in the bias of something that’s close and intimate. The masculine, in its awe and majesty and distance, may have a different problem because it can be too aloof, but it can bring in the bigger picture of facts that come through like the out breath –down and through – which touch Creation and awaken something.

So you have to let go of something that’s holding your attention, in terms of a fascination, in Creation, which in this instance is seen as a ferret. On one hand you know that the ferret is distracting you and, even though it hasn’t done anything to cause you to distrust it, you know the ferret isn’t necessarily all that it appears to be.

You have a natural knowing that something doesn’t feel right. In order for it to feel right, you have to pay attention to what the masculine is trying to cause in you – to get you to recognize it or to realize it.

We’ll continue this thread in our next post.

A Natural Knowing

Here is the final installment of this conversation between Ann and John (for Parts I and II, see At Play in the Cosmos and Struggle and Progression). The discussion of listening has led them to these current times, and the idea that people are feeling the shifts in energy that are happening world-wide and, while not everyone understands them, they have an intuitive sense of their fundamental importance.

So we can begin to sense the full spectrum of vibrational energy and how it impacts our lives through this dialogue. From the intertwine of the Masculine and Feminine Principles at a cosmic level, to listening to a spouse or loved one, to sensing the vibrations at play behind the images in our dreams, we are surrounded by the intelligence of energy. It is all there for us to be open to, to receive, and to process in our own way.

And it is exactly that process that brings us closer to being a part of the universal, and enables us to let go of our tight grip on the culture of personal identity. As we sit on the brink of the year 2012, it is more important than ever that we all answer these deeper questions within ourselves.

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