Lion at the Gate

John: Yesterday your dream showed you in the prison of your lower self, but working on gaining access to your higher self (through the image of a seminar), whereby you get a “pass” and can leave the prison (see The Prison of the Lower Self).

By going to the seminar within the prison, you’re developing and building the speed and energetic that are required to make the shift to “survive” outside of the prison gates, where you may encounter the powerful energetic symbol of the lion – a guardian of higher realms.

Once free from the limitations of the prison of our ego-perspective on life, we are then said to be Traveling In God, where we are able to experience aspects of life and energy in a whole new way that wasn’t available to us before. The reason it’s not available is because we don’t have the necessary speeding-up that comes from a connection to our higher self (without which we could be “burned” by the higher energies, or killed by the lion).

Speeding up to higher energies comes through the increased consciousness of understanding our true relationship to the universe, and is a process that aligns the denseness of a physical life to the greater design of Creation.

So, outside of the prison you have the speed, or are connected enough, to handle the transmission from within. Then when you meet the lion he won’t be a threat, but a guide. He is part of that realm that you’re now able to participate in.

What your dream does is what’s known as giving a “peekaboo” glimpse of what it’s like at the higher levels (outside the prison) because you’re essentially vying to break free and reach that place. In other words, you are shown how close you are to it – it’s visible.

After that glimpse, you have the flashback to the seminars and all the things you need to take in as preparation for leaving the prison. So what you’re doing is seeing yourself put the whole process together.

We’re both dreaming this sort of thing now. You’re dreaming it as an alignment, or as a way of establishing the overall spatiality of yourself that can be comfortable outside of prison.

Jeane: My sense was that I didn’t really feel like I ever quite got outside of the prison. It seemed as though I was entering a larger prison without walls.

John: Well, when you’re Traveling In God you can have components of your denser self that still keep you in a prison, preventing you from being able to directly connect to the whole, and that’s probably what you’re sensing. But when you truly get outside the prison, then it’s just a means of connection for you, where you reach a state of knowing what is truly taking place and going on.

If there is any limitation to it, it’s a limitation in what you’re able to grasp of the wholeness. Then the journey becomes one of seeking to grasp more and more and more. When you grasp it, you realize that there are no outside “variables,” or aspects; you grasp everything as being you.

However, until you attain that level of inner connection, your limitations are shown to you in the form of outside variables, i.e., other people, other controlling factors, other psychologies, which are all different types of prisons, so to speak.

In other words, there’s an intermediary process, where the prison is like an in-between state that must be gone through before reaching a state that’s totally free. So when you feel those twinges, or flickers, of your lower-self taking over, you could say that you’re still 20% or 30% in prison, and 80% or 70% of you is reaching into a higher octave. The journey is in bringing more and more of you into that state of higher acuity.

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