Getting Up to Speed

John: In this dream I’m in an area that’s larger than I’m able to absorb. It’s way too big; I’m out of sync with the environment. I see myself walking around in a daze, unable to sort anything out. Everything going on there is beyond my comprehension.

Then I realize that I feel uneasy because I know I’m in a place where I have a way to go before I can catch up perceptively. If I were directly confronted with all that is there in one fell swoop, I’d be overwhelmed.

As I move about, barely noticing things, another part of me, who is like a separate person, is directly relating to the speeded-up inner energy of this place, or outer energy; it depends on how you look at it because it’s seems a different place, but it’s still within the zone of something else that exists. 

My perception is that of two separate people (other than me) working things out. In other words, there’s the environmental outer person who’s a direct reflection of this place, and there’s the go-between inner person who is able to relate to this outer person, or at least try to relate. 

I mean, this inner person has an aspect about him that’s able to intertwine a bit with this place, so he’s getting aligned. What occurs between the two of them is something that I come to know indirectly, as things are worked out between them.

Somehow a part of me is able to absorb this process until I’m able to readily free-flow in the higher-speed variables of this place. I know that I need to be able to touch these variables. To begin with I can’t even imagine how that’s possible.

Then, as the process between these personages (they feel like personages somehow) memorize or go at something there, I come to know it by way of inflection and realize then that I’m able to relate to those variables a little bit more. That says I’m catching up to them energetically.  

That’s when I realize what I’m missing. Until then, a gap existed in which the go-between, on his own, stepped into the scene and was able to reconcile things on my behalf. His reconciliation enables me to ingest information in what seems like an after-the-fact way. 

That’s how it is in the beginning, but eventually even that falls away and I see myself (to my surprise) directly relating to the variables of this place that have awakened inside of me. When I find myself able to handle the variables, that’s when the presence of this second, outer personage, and the image of an inner, go-between personage, fall away.

What does this mean? To begin with I’m in a place that has more going on in it than I’m able to appreciate. That’s how it is when a person begins the “Traveling in God” phase; my denser self doesn’t yet know what it’s missing, but it’s working on it. I know there’s a lot going on, but I’m unable to bring it into focus.

But my higher self comes alive in this place. To begin with, I’m grateful that I, alone, don’t have to contend with all the overwhelming variables that are there. But as my higher self aligns to it little by little – the rate I’m comfortable with – I become more able to absorb or take on, directly or indirectly, the energetic variables at play.

The time comes when I (in a state of amazement) am able to do what I didn’t know at the beginning was even possible, which is to see myself able to directly engage with my environment. That’s when the place of inner initializing, or aligning, or memorizing, is suddenly over and I’m able to handle the transmissions.

I’m no longer able to determine if it’s a transmission that’s from another zone, or just part of this place. I’m just in it. While I struggle to keep up, I still have the sense that the energetic is part of this place. Ultimately, when I’m fully able to keep up, I come to realize that the whole energetic I’m experiencing is within me.

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