A Location Within

Jeane: The very first dream I had quite early. I’m in a very large concrete parking structure with different levels. There’s a device that programs how everything in the structure works, with access to all the different doors and other features.

There’s a focal point for the device where it works best, a main position from which everything is operated. I’m explaining to you how it operates, even though we’re still both trying to figure it out and get it right. We don’t get it right the first time. We have to get it oriented to its primary point, even though it operates things in four directions.

John: You’re indicating that there’s a place where you can be, in a dense outer world (the parking garage), that’s your spot – that’s where you belong. From that spot or that position, you’re able to hear things, receive things, and be aware of things that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access.

This is the first time that you’ve had a dream about a particular point from which you’re able to be most receptive. It seems shamanistic. It reminds me of a teacher who does an experiment in which he directs people to find a spot in a room from which they would be able to return for a certain degree of peace or settlement.

In other words, the exercise was to feel and identify a vibration, and be able to return to that vibration as if it’s in a particular spot. I don’t think it’s about an actual space in the physical, I think it’s more a matter of identifying a quality within oneself – a location – that a person needs to maintain in order to function in their most balanced way.

As you were telling me the dream, I kept wondering where the theme fit in to what we have been going through, and the theme last night had to do with being able to connect with, or bring through, or relate to an energetic that could affect things in the environment.

When we are out of touch with this location in us, it’s usually based on some ingrained pattern, or manner of reaction, or defense mechanism in our nature that causes us to introduce something as a barrier to connecting to the energetic and, thereby, cutting us off from enabling the incoming experience to happen.

When we are out of sync with the wholeness around us, there’s the sensation of being caught up in the denseness of the outer life that can overwhelm us – because we are not in the flow of it. So this dream gives you a sense of a way that you should be upholding or maintaining a location within you – while engaged in the denseness of the outer life – that can make everything work more smoothly.

Jeane: Then I had a short dream. In it, it feels like you, or the man I’m with, has a younger stepbrother who’s handicapped.

In one scene you’re young – 13 or 14 years old – and you meet your stepbrother who is 11 or 12. He’s with a couple other boys in a room, so it’s a family of boys when you meet.

Even though this younger brother is handicapped, he’s actually, in many ways, the strongest and most determined of the group, and he steps up to do things before the other siblings. Therefore, he is assigned certain roles that he can take on in life and one can really count on him, even though the first impression on meeting him is that he has certain limitations.

John: Well, our teacher describes a woman who, for all intents and purposes, if you were to meet her in her ordinary life, would appear as crazy as they come. However, when she’s connected to the energetic that she’s supposed to bring through or flow with or be responsible for in life, she’s spot on. There’s no question in terms of where her priorities in life are. However, when you look at her, you would never guess that. You would be inclined to label her as being “out of it.”

Your dream reminds me of that, but it’s also saying that we, as individuals, are all meant to connect, or bring through, or have involvement in this process of awakening in different ways. We aren’t necessarily “chosen” because we are “normal,” or healthy, or a good person or anything like that – we all are born, i.e., chosen, with something unique to offer into life.

In other words, you’re even shown that you have, on a particular masculine level (the dream depicts young boys), a level of retardation in your nature that you carry – something isn’t fully formed. However, you don’t let it hold you back. You work through it. Your focus and attention makes up for whatever you lack.

Thus it is that there are perhaps aspects of you that might be considered (by others) as a little backwards or undeserving in terms of how they think life needs to be, but that view isn’t necessarily the case when it’s seen and understood from other levels.

Jeane: Right. It was as though the very things that were the problem for this boy made him the most reliable in the role that he did have.

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