A Simple Choice

Jeane: I had a dream where I want health insurance purchased as a whole rather than bought piecemeal, i.e., all individual policies. I want people to buy things as a whole.

In a second dream I’m trying to convince a woman, who is a tenant in a commercial space, of the possibility of doing a juice bar along with a bakery and some specialized health products. However there is opposition to this within her family.

She has three or four children and I’m friendly with one of the sons. I sit at a table with them and talk, but I know they don’t really want to talk about the subject that everyone is always arguing about, so I come in and change the subject. I start talking about something else. 

The woman looks at me and says, “I wonder if there’s anything else we need to talk about?” Mostly I’m talking to her son, but I’m noticing that the family plays a lot of really rough games in the water. I joke with them, saying that if I play I don’t want to play games that are so rough.

In subtle ways, I’m still trying to show them that this juice bar would make sense along with the bakery.

John: Well, the idea of not doing something in a piecemeal fashion and having an insurance policy that serves or works for the whole is enough to point out that the dream has to do with hearing, listening, determining, and going into that which serves the whole.

In other words: not the personal, but the universal. Being separate from the whole is where we (all humans) start to deviate from what’s intended and meant to be in terms of human process and progress. The idea here is to understand what’s being called for in terms of the whole, so the second dream has to do with looking more at the situation (the scenario involving something that should be done).

You have an idea of what should be done and you see it as being opposed by various parties, who are all aspects of you. This is a cute way of showing that you’re deviating from the whole and going into separations. If you were to listen to the whole, you’d know whether the idea fits or not. But you can’t hear the whole if there’s quibbling or questioning amongst the different aspects of you, so the theme here has to do with how you make decisions.

So, do you make decisions based upon your own prerogative (personal), or do you make decisions based upon something that’s flowing, with the insight that’s coming through as an insight into life? If you make decisions based upon your own “best judgment,” then you’re going to be creating separation, or getting an individual “policy” as shown in the first part of the dream. If you’re not dealing with the whole, you’re only dealing with parts of it, and that takes you into the limited realms of the personal.

If you’re trying to hear something, but parts of you (the woman and her family) are articulating (their) issues in some capacity, then that’s an aspect of not being properly aligned. Those parts bounce around with impulses that aren’t aligned, which then create an inner disorder relative to the flow of the whole. When you have this going on in you, it creates stress and friction, both of which indicate deviation from a state of being attuned.

If we base all our decisions on how something affects us personally, we just get further and further from the universal flow. The best thing we can do as human beings is to recognize that the true definition of freedom of choice lies in being able to connect to that which serves the whole – in our individual way – rather than to choose to serve ourselves, or others, in a personal way.

The first dream was very specific: you’re to serve the whole and not the piecemeal (total coverage insurance is better than individual policies). You are to learn to connect yourself to life in a way that rejects the piecemeal in favor of the whole.

I had a teacher who would tell the story of “Mrs. X, who would never leave her apartment unless she was under orders.” In other words, she never proceeded unless she could sense inside that something was meant to be. If she started to do something and suddenly realized that there was something missing in the connection or the flow, she would stop.

But had something really changed? Yes, in the sense that the impulse that came through her became tuned in. It’s not that she was listening to a voice in her head, she was just sensing whether her actions were supported energetically – sensing whether there was resistance or ease. If there was resistance, the answer might be found in another direction.

So that’s what being pointed to through this imagery. As humans we either flow with the energies that surround and support us, as a contributing part of the universal, or we go off on our own, separate from everything else. It would seem to be a very simple choice to make.

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