An Inner Authority

John: My dream is short but deals with the issue of hearing something from somewhere else, instead of hearing one’s own prerogative or personal view.

The way I describe it is that I’m presented a situation in which I need to offer my decision. That’s kind of how things are – we’re always confronted with making decisions about things. But this time I’m shown how a person should go about determining what decision is meant or intended.

I find myself indicating to someone that I can’t arbitrarily make such a decision on my own, because it would be overreaching. It would be exceeding my capacity. One can exceed their capacity, but they get very personal when they do because they exceed their ability to stay connected. I have to indicate that, although I have the authority to make an arbitrary decision, I must follow a process.

Well, actually it’s not really a process. It’s a state in which I have a sense of the whole, passing through me all the time, and I can hear it. It’s the difference between the human approach to freedom of choice, usually based on quick reactions after weighing a sense of personal gain or loss, and the divine approach to human freedom of choice, i.e., real choice. 

What I see is that there’s a cylinder – a round object. It’s a sphere in space that I’m linked to and before I do something I have to determine that my linkage is acceptable in relationship to the whole of this sphere. In other words, I have to find what I need within the sphere. 

Thus I will not render an opinion or decision on my own without first determining that it’s something that’s findable within the sphere, within the connection linkage to the whole. I’ve come to realize that I’m interconnected with something that involves the overall, so if I’m presented with a situation that requires a decision, I can no longer just let my mind jump around, putting pieces this way and that way as I see fit.

If I go that route, I’m making a personal decision. That’s because all the angles I check or solutions I see will be based on the positive or negative impact on me – which is completely personal.

From a more universal perspective, I know that what happens in the density of life is subject to change. New situations call for new reasoning, not something from the past. At an earlier point in time a certain decision might have been okay, but in terms of listening to the change agent of life itself, listening to what serves the whole, that prior decision may not be appropriate anymore. So, I just can’t make a snap decision about something, even if everyone expects it.

If I feel that there’s something more on the inner, I have to go against everybody in the outer, in the collective. Even if everyone else is making decisions based on their own small way of looking at the world, I have to go into that cylinder, that interlinked sphere, and see what it wants to come through. It’s the only way I can be sure that I’m not just deviating into the personal like everyone else. I have to see, or find, the decision in the larger sphere.

In the dream I go through various options that I’m confronted with and, in each instance, the answer is the same. I have to see if this is something prescribed before I’m able to act. In other words, in order to be properly connected I have to see and act according to what’s needed, not according to what’s desired.

What this dream imagery is saying is that I no longer have the freedom to do as I wish. In following an inner path we reach a point where we have to hand over the reins of our life; we have to follow an inner authority. That inner authority is connected to the universal, and the linkage is made firm by surrendering our personal aspects. So now, when confronted with an issue, I can no longer act according to my whim, fancy, or best guess. I must determine if it’s an allowable action. I must determine if it’s written within.

If it’s a part of me on an inner level – which is the same as saying it’s part of the Book of Life – it’s already written in an inner capacity. Every decision that has an effect upon the environment I live in may also have an effect upon the whole. If so, it’s outside my personal authority to act any way I see fit. I must take each issue to a higher authority within to determine what I should do.

The scenario that evoked this dream was a meeting I had with a commercial tenant. Members of the group made decisions that were of a personal nature. At first I thought that’s what I must pay attention to or I would be acting against the overall will of the group. Then I realized that this didn’t sit well with me, so I sought an answer within.

I learned that what actually was happening could have a much different appearance at a deeper level; i.e., the facts could be saying something else. I’m not yet astute enough in reading the Book of Life to see what’s permitted or not; I must read the signs on the horizon.

So, this is a scenario in my outer, waking life that’s pointing me to trusting in this type of inner guidance. It’s trying to tune me in on how to listen.

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