Leading the Way

John: In this first dream, I’m in a place where the perception of what’s important isn’t possible until I take a particular step. To take that particular step, I see myself going down into the lower area of a huge casino.

As I look to my left and right I see the casino employees excited to see me – the memo has gone out that I’m coming. They’ve all stopped whatever they would normally be doing and gathered together; nothing can happen for them until I arrive

In other words, what is meant to happen is more important and needs to arise; I must reach what I’m meant to reach. And I’m walking toward it. The people are receptive but also in a state of suspended animation until I make the necessary connection. That connection will create a much needed change that they’re eager to see happen.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to reach. My dream saw it, but I can’t describe it. I have the sense that it’s important that I go to the heart of it all – to this epicenter – and upon reaching what lies there, to touch or awaken something. I’m coming to where I will create a central linkage that they’ve been maintaining there – not necessarily even knowing they’ve maintained it.

I see myself approach and, because I’m able to sense the anticipation inside them, it causes me to walk very soberly, with a lot of focus and attention, to reach the point – even though I don’t know where the point is. I just know I’m going toward it and that I’m close when there’s a recovery, or unleashing, of a new dynamic. 

The state of suspense exists in the atmosphere. Everyone is staring at me, with hope in their eyes, as I near the point of connection.

What’s happening is that the memory of what needs to happen, for the whole, is in suspense until I reach a newfound place of inner recognition. When I make the connection, the meaningfulness of everyone waiting for this day will come to fruition. Until then, there’s a suspended animation as it builds trust. What I do liberates, thus the excitement in their eyes as the moment approaches.

That’s the first dream.

In the second dream I’m pulling into a parking space in an underground garage. It’s surprising that I’m jockeying to get in a space next to a huge tree. All I can see is a huge tree trunk on the driver’s side. I can tell that on the other side of the tree trunk is another vehicle that’s been parked there for some time.

I know there’s a tree, but the woman I’m with doesn’t. She says I must wait for a half hour or 45 minutes. Because I know that this is the spot, I say “No,” and just as I’m about to explain that everything is parked correctly and everything is balanced and it’s time to move forward – that’s when I wake up.

Just like in the first dream, I’m reaching a point that I know to be important. In this case, I know that I’ve reached it, while in the first image I’m walking towards it knowing that it’s there waiting to be unleashed..

In this case, I’m there but I don’t know I’m there. There’s a gap in terms of the feminine part of me being able to see and feel the moment. The masculine part of me gets it. The feminine part doesn’t – it asks for more time.

To complete this connection, the feminine part, which doesn’t yet recognize the situation, has to reach the same knowingness. The connection requires the feminine to quit its feeling of separation or disconnection, otherwise the knowingness that lies embedded will stay embedded. The key to what is new lies embedded within.

In the next dream I see myself having to confront something that’s bothering me. I take an initiative because something doesn’t look right. I see all these dirt particles gathering on the floor in a particular spot. Ordinarily I try to overlook them, or maybe I’ll just pick them up, but in this case I take a vacuum cleaner and I start vacuuming a huge area.

As I do this I’m amazed at how dirty the place had really become. I’m glad I took the initiative because the whole place is actually bothering me more than I realized – but I kept ignoring it. So this causes me to see what needs to be absorbed, or taken up. 

The meaning here is that this is a process in which there is the need to polish and appreciate an energetic space. To do that I must confront what’s dirty and out of balance. This is made possible when I accept the recognition of what’s wrong.

The final image sees me entering a sauna and my presence affects those who are there. They seem like teenagers and suddenly my presence animates the place to the point where they no longer need to just hang out – they’re now able to use the pool, providing I lead the way.

If I hadn’t arrived they couldn’t have realized this possibility. It only becomes possible when I lead the way.

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