Connecting to the Divine

John: This first dream came in at two in the morning. It has to do with trying to reconcile how something drops down and comes straight through and has a quality that’s meant to be, or is, of the Divine. What comes through is then offset by the human condition.

What I’m trying to sort out is: How does the human condition fit in with this other aspect, which I recognize as the Divine? The dream is indicating that they have something in common, or at least that we find ourselves in the human condition, but at the same time we’re meant stay connected to or hold onto the Divine.

The dream is suggesting that we have to understand the linkage between the human condition and the Divine and how they’re designed to work together – how one or the other condition alone cannot work.

If we’re just experiencing the human condition, we have no idea. We walk around in a state of amnesia, or sleep, like everyone else. We aren’t acknowledging that the Divine exists. On the other hand, if we live only in the radiance of that which is the Divine, then we tend to repudiate the human condition as insignificant or separate or unimportant.

However, we’re meant to be able to live in the human condition and at the same time not take away one iota from something coming through of the Divine. The problem is, when we’re living in the human condition, how is it possible to see how something of the Divine can make the connection all the way through? That becomes extremely difficult.

In my sleep, I’m sitting there trying to go back to this deep inner link and see what’s coming through. But I couldn’t open my eyes and wake up because my human condition blocked what I could see. I never had this sort of thing happen before. I could go inside and I could lucid dream, but usually in a lucid dream there’s something seeable and memorable as if it’s a play going on within. (For a lucid dream to be lucid dreaming, it’s almost as if you have your eyes wide open.) In this case the lucid dream was real while I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes it was gone.

So I can’t give you the details of what I saw able to come down and through into life connected and intertwined with the Divine, because there was still too much of the human condition in the way of it happening. Or maybe that’s just the way it is because we carry the human condition. And I’m told in the dream that I’m meant to have both and to pay attention to both. 

So, that’s the first dream, and it felt very frustrating because even though it started at two am, I spent most of the night going back and forth still holding on and even at times thinking I’d awakened enough to write it up because it was so lucid inside, but I never did bring it through.

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