Struggle and Progression

Here is Part II of our conversation between Ann and John discussing the relationship of the Masculine Principle and the Feminine Principle and how they play out in our lives (for Part I, see At Play in the Cosmos).

As we ended, the conversation had been looking at the nature of listening between the genders, and the ability to absorb what comes our way – not in terms of the specifics, but in terms of the energies they represent. We are all subject to energies, whether they come from interactions with others, or they appear by being triggered in ourselves.

Here John examines the idea that it’s this raw energy that arises that we must be able to handle and absorb within ourselves. An inability to do that is often what causes us to act, or react, in ways that we regret or that cause even greater problems for us or others. And the ability to handle and absorb this raw energy is often best achieved by having a balance of the masculine and feminine in our lives, whether through another or within ourselves.

Underneath it all, there is a heartfullness in each of us that can be masked by any number of difficult life experiences – by our fears, by our defense mechanisms, and by our old patterns. Gaining an awareness of how this affects our lives, and understanding the natural differences between the masculine and feminine principles, can help us find our heartfullness again, and achieve a greater balance both in our relationships and within ourselves.

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