A Natural Knowing

Here is the final installment of this conversation between Ann and John (for Parts I and II, see At Play in the Cosmos and Struggle and Progression). The discussion of listening has led them to these current times, and the idea that people are feeling the shifts in energy that are happening world-wide and, while not everyone understands them, they have an intuitive sense of their fundamental importance.

So we can begin to sense the full spectrum of vibrational energy and how it impacts our lives through this dialogue. From the intertwine of the Masculine and Feminine Principles at a cosmic level, to listening to a spouse or loved one, to sensing the vibrations at play behind the images in our dreams, we are surrounded by the intelligence of energy. It is all there for us to be open to, to receive, and to process in our own way.

And it is exactly that process that brings us closer to being a part of the universal, and enables us to let go of our tight grip on the culture of personal identity. As we sit on the brink of the year 2012, it is more important than ever that we all answer these deeper questions within ourselves.

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