Finding Our Balance

John: To continue this series of images from your dreaming, yesterday we saw how you transitioned from the first dream in which a woman is cleverly causing you to think that what is intended (something more) is your idea (in the way of seducing you). In the second dream, this same energetic comes in the form of the ferret, a feminine representation that seduces you by its cuteness, yet you are also aware that the cuteness can quickly turn ferocious.

So in the second dream you’re compelled to realize the “something more” by relating to the man; the feminine aspect is not enough, it must be balanced by the input of the masculine for the full nature of something to be understood. So you need to stop the feminine (ferret) from distracting you, thereby creating the space for you to hear, or take in, the rest of the information.

In the first image you’re naïve, in the second you’re less naïve. So let’s see what happens next.

Jeane: In the next little scene I’m doing some counseling, but my office opens onto a courtyard and there are some young girls who have an appointment with me. However, when I look into the courtyard, I see the man who was there when the ferrets were there – and he really looks miserable. He really needs to talk.

I decide to see him first even though the girls have an appointment. I want him to express what’s bothering him in a direct way because I’m taking time away from the girls. It’s hard for him to do that, so I get distracted a bit. He’s taking his time and they’re waiting; it creates a certain tension.

John: This is the dilemma one faces when part of you (the feminine), which feels itself to be complete in a Creation sense, develops a way of proceeding on its own that works and has a degree of balance to it – as far as it knows.

When it gets like that, then the masculine, which can normally be too distant or separate, seems to become even more disoriented or discombobulated in its nature – causing even greater separation. The man has trouble expressing himself, and you feel the tug of returning to the girls. This is a signal that your sense of balance is false – something isn’t right.

The feminine here is inconvenienced by the masculine and caught up solely in its own perspective of how things need to be in the outer world and what it has a responsibility toward. From the perspective of the masculine, this leads to a type of preening in the feminine, i.e., she can lead herself into thinking that she has a certain knowingness that’s natural to her and she doesn’t necessarily need the masculine perspective.

We see a lot of people in the world with this imbalance, and they’re often caught up in various crusades. They’ve identified with traits and qualities in Creation, but they aren’t necessarily carrying the Divine Will through. They generally have access to it to some degree, but tend to limit what they’ll allow themselves to hear because they’ve taken a particular viewpoint. They put that viewpoint on a pedestal and then they make everything else echo its way toward it, as if that’s the preeminent thing.

But there’s nothing that stands out uniquely separate from anything else in Creation. In other words, Creation is in a state of balance and the Divine is in a state of balance and, ultimately, they are one and the same. If we go off on a single tangent (wholly masculine or feminine, for example) we estrange ourselves from the whole.

If you go off on the masculine tangent – the opposite of what you’re dream is implying – then you can look like a crazy person and a fanatic. That’s when you can be quoting this and that as if you know something. But what you carry hasn’t been held in a feminine way, so you’ll lack the necessary listening center. It’s like the spirit energy is then trapped in Creation and can’t come through.

If you go the other way, allowing something to open up, it’s like a bolt of lightning comes and brings through an epiphany in your nature. The way you sort out or put that epiphany into some perspective or balance is by identifying certain things as key or crucial; then all the input in relationship to that comes from a greater whole. All the other input has to fall as a subset to this primary epiphany that you carry in a feminine-directed way.

Your dream shows you to be at this extreme – you’re still holding on to something personal. Your keenness in Creation, as a responsibility (returning to the girls), has been accentuated instead of being in balance (listening to the man), where the inner and the outer come together, so that you get the full memo coming through from Creation, from the Divine, and from the masculine.

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