The Interval

Jeane: In the next little scenario two young women, 13 or 14 years old, are planning to go home, but I realize that their father has taken a man into their home who is actually planning on seducing these girls and the dad is unaware of that. I realize that when they go home they’re going to walk into this setup – they’re young, naïve girls – so I’m coaching them on how to avoid this situation.

John: You’re talking about something that’s very tricky because on one hand there’s vulnerability, and in that vulnerability something could take advantage. At the same time, another part of you has perspective on that, i.e., you can see how some part of you can be abused or hurt.

So the dream is portraying a type of mistrust of the masculine energy. In other words, you are recognizing that part of you is estranged from this masculine energy, because it’s coming in and it’s still too raw. It hasn’t yet attained or reached the role it’s mean to play; it doesn’t know its place in the situation.

One part of this masculine energy does know its place, shown as the father who has the care over the daughters, but it’s blind to another, more raw part that’s coming into the situation that hasn’t been properly taken into account. So you have this “watcher” aspect that’s aware that what could take place might be abusive.

What that’s portraying is a rationalization, and a justification, for rejecting the masculine because it’s too wild or too raw. So you’re dreams are essentially taking this issue with the masculine and looking at it from all sides (for the dreams earlier in the night, see Forest for the Trees and Finding Our Balance). You have this theme in which something is missing, that isn’t quite being accepted or forgiven by you in relationship to a clarity that comes from the masculine, which is meant to come through – as a way of regaining a natural, internal balance.

However, you aren’t allowing this energy to come through because you deem it too crazy; it seems to be something that could hurt or damage the state of affairs. There’s a part of it that you know the parameters of and that you can accept (the father), but another that you can’t (the male guest).

What’s interesting is that the best part of all this happens in the very first dream image. You come to realize through that image that without this quality that you’re shutting off, or keeping yourself removed from in terms of the masculine, you end up deceiving yourself. You think what’s happening around you has more significance than it does, as if it’s intended, or it’s your idea, when that additional element of information would have put a different spin or clarity on it.

It’s as one teacher described it: On this Path the more important aspect is the interval where the in-breath (feminine) turns to the out-breath (masculine), not where the out-breath turns to the in-breath because at that interval you can be caught up in your own idea of something, in regard to Creation, and the feminine can go off on a tangent. This tangent has to do with a longing, but then must find a way of satisfying that longing in terms of how it sees, or wants to see, Creation.

In doing that, she is actually seduced by it and even comes to think that it’s part of what needs to be or is meant to be as though it’s destined. And it’s not that that isn’t true, it’s just that the memo behind that, which gives it the greater depth and pulls it out the way it needs to be, hasn’t come through – an that’s the masculine aspect.

So each of these images shows you grappling with trusting the masculine energy that is needed to balance the equation, both internally and in relation to the whole.

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