Due Diligence

John: In my dream, a woman comes over to talk to us about selling her a piece of property. She wants to buy it for $60,000. Upon making her offer and presentation, you sign the agreement. The document is then handed to me for my signature, but I haven’t yet paid any attention to the woman’s presentation.

You absorbed it, but there are certain facts that I haven’t reviewed so I just stare at your signature and have to sort out what that means. I know it’s not fully binding without my signature, but seeing yours is a big nudge to sign.

Although the money would be useful to us, I’m still not sure. I don’t have enough information. I feel compelled to go along, but this may be a low-ball offer. I look at the plan and notice an access road that borders or maybe even goes through the property. I’m trying to tell if there’s something more going on.  

I have to go refer to my records to understand better when I acquired it and under what circumstances. That’s when I wake up. 

As I awaken, I realize that I haven’t made up my mind about selling. I can’t necessarily say yes and I can’t necessarily say no. While there’s the impulse to say yes, there’s also the sense that it could be premature.

Before I’m able to agree, I need to see the true underlying reasons, i.e., what’s behind all of this, because the woman has gone out of her way to acquire what we own. She’s quite balanced and smooth in her presentation but, nevertheless, beneath it all there’s something more to be sorted out.

This dream is about impulses and impressions that are directed toward me through the interests of others in life. The similarity between this dream and your set of dreams is that it’s also Creation-oriented. In yours, you were trying to determine to what degree more information is needed coming from the masculine. I’m looking at a certain feminine imbalance (the buyer is a woman), with the need to pull through something more (shown as the need for more information) in order to feel balanced about the situation.

So you’re trying to find a balance in the situation because, as your dream progresses, you’ve got the masculine getting ever further removed. You keep hearing the feminine part as louder when you need to hear more of the masculine.

In my case, I’m sensing the pull and tug of the feminine to just let something go – to let it happen. But I’m not sure that that’s what’s intended because I haven’t caught up with all of the data, i.e., the information that needs to come through so that I can see the big picture.

From the standpoint of Creation, such gestures pull at me and, in that regard, seem to make sense. I’m urged to just let go of the land and not look back – not realizing whether I’ve done something right or wrong in relationship to it. And also not worrying whether I was deceived in some sense, because everything would be coming from the perspective of the Creation.

This urge has a seductive quality to it like your first dream did. However, from the masculine perspective, that which is proper and appropriate to the situation may be a whole different thing. I can sense that but there’s a tendency to just go ahead and allow one’s self to be seduced as if the idea that was brought to you suddenly becomes your idea and makes sense to do.

Before I’m able to agree I have to decide if what’s being presented to me as an impulse of Creation (feminine) makes sense in terms of the bigger picture. To do this I need to ask additional questions and delve deeper into the underlying issue. I need to utilize the focus and attention that I have to establish those facts, which I’m reluctant to do because it’s easier to fall into the seduction.

Deep down I know better than to be seduced. I’m at a point where I just don’t know, and to act when one doesn’t know what’s intended – doesn’t know what the orders are – would be impulsive and that just doesn’t feel right.

I’ve learned from experience that leaving things open when in a situation like this may seem slow in its nature, in terms of Creation, but it’s the right way and the right thing to do most of the time. It allows something more to come through and catch up, so that I can see what’s intended. It’s almost as if Creation is louder and the Divine takes in what’s intended from the masculine; it takes a little longer to come through so you have to take a step back and give it a chance.

The deeper meaning is that the dream is suggesting that what’s awakening, on a feminine level, requires me to go even deeper into my masculine understanding of what’s meant to be in regard to a situation.

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