Manna from Heaven

John: In this set of dreams I’m using food as an metaphor for a connection to knowingness and how that opens up. I wrote this up as if there were three dreams, but there were actually four.

The first image is like a seed thought, where I get my first glimpse, at some deep level, of a certain type of knowing. It proceeds from there to reveal a different quality, like a sense of awareness that’s been brought to my attention.

I realize that there’s a food that has a quality of opening up a state of being that we don’t ordinarily experience, yet I know it’s possible. I see it as something that lies way up high and, all of a sudden, I have access to it. It comes straight down and touches something, and I’m able to catch up with that. I wouldn’t know this was possible if I hadn’t witnessed it.  

When it comes down it automatically changes things. There’s no way I could anticipate it, or have discovered it through my intellect, in terms of Creation. It just sweeps me into an awareness that I’ve never had before. Thus it awakens a new way of being, never before experienced.

That’s my first sense. This sense hits me really high up in the light, at a point where I usually don’t pull something like this through.

Then, having seen what’s intended and needing to happen, I have to work my way back through the phases of getting there to bring it through, to cause it to happen. I have to change my orientation because it’s obviously something that’s coming from the inner into the outer. So with that image (that knowing) established as the beacon, then the images that follow show me how I can work with it in an integrated sense, in terms of the whole.

To start with I notice that it’s almost like the knowing occurred on a very deep channel and then I have to come back to it from a state of having forgotten it and starting all over. In other words, I start trying to look at how a transition is meant to occur, which involves the next image with food and a male friend.

A male friend has set me up with food that I’m meant to eat. There are three items on the tray and they’re all sauces – there’s no meat or anything like that. It’s very simple. My sense is that I’ll get all the nutrients I need by eating this, and I’ll now be living on this diet for quite some time. 

In other words, my friend started me off on the food I’m supposed to be eating and then, in the next dream, it becomes my responsibility to usher this new food into the lives of others. So the phase where I receive the nutritious sauces is where I receive my guidance (this food has everything I need to live on for a long time; it’s more information, a connection designed to awaken me).

As I awaken, the way I work with it is I then modify the food a bit into a noodle dish that I pass out to others to work with, however they choose to work with it, for ordinary people in life. The noodles were dry but they’ve been cooked to softness. It’s my responsibility to make this food available to others.

This then progresses into the next dream in which the food is again made available, but it’s made available to people who are part of something where they’ve retreated from the shallowness of life and the culture – where they have a spiritual connection.

Here I’m providing the food, but it has to be reviewed or supervised by a woman who is the go-between and watches the transition. I’m transferring a lot of food from a larger container. I put it on trays that I carry into the area where people are doing the spiritual path work. The noodles are now in the sauce. In other words, something extra has been added. It’s the sauce that gives them their spiritual aliveness.

What I notice is that the noodles and sauce, once taken from the container where they’re compressed, suddenly become more supple and accessible to those in this monastery-like atmosphere. The food is quite edible to the people who are receiving it. This food has all the qualities (nutrients) of the food in the first image at the beginning of the dream. This is a food that causes a huge awakening to occur from the inner. It’s in the nature of the sauce.

Notice the difference between in characterization of the dry noodle that has been softened to be served to ordinary people (those not on a spiritual path). They can take it in and they either get whatever nutrients are in it or they don’t. But it doesn’t have all the same nutrients it does when mixed with the sauce.

So it’s taken out of a state of compression – from above – and aerated and brought through with this noodle – a more easily digestible form.

The image then returns to the experience at the beginning, where an awakening is brought through the noodles with the sauce for those on a spiritual path. It brings in something brand new and original. It’s a vital food for greater consciousness.

There is more to discover in this imagery, so we’ll continue the discussion in our next post.

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