The Human Conduit

John: Yesterday I described a series of dream images relating to food (see Manna from Heaven). Together, the images describe a process whereby, from the first image, I receive something from above, which comes to me as guidance or knowing.

In the next image I’m eating a special food (the sauce) that has all the nutrients I need. That is the guidance that comes to me from within, during my sleep. As it feeds me it causes an awakening and, through the next two images I see myself passing this food on to others, first to everyday, average people in the form of soft noodles – an easily digestible meal – and then as noodles and sauce for those on a spiritual path. They receive the full nutrient value of what they are taking in.

What this is describing are phases of reaching a state of service and heartfelt responsibility. We are all meant to be in service to something greater. And, while it is human to help people outwardly, in the sense of care, compassion, and charity, a far greater form of service, one for Creation itself, entails bringing the inner (from above) guidance and knowing, into our outer life where others, and the planet itself, can gain access to something more – through us. That is what aligns our life to being a part of the whole, rather than living a separate (selfish) existence.

After I get the glimpse of this food coming straight down, it automatically changes things. Then I have to partake of a food that is just for me and I realize that I’m to be on this food for some time, i.e., spiritual knowing can change us in a way that we can’t go back to the way we were before.

I notice how simple the food seems yet it provides me with everything I need. Before I digress to the next phase, I recognize that there’s something about this process, i.e. dream state, which causes a change when this food is brought from the inner into the outer. In other words, the food was just for me (the straight sauce), but then I have to share it with others. The process of it going from the inner to the outer changes its form (sauce to noodles). And even that form is different depending on the recipient: the average, unawakened, person receives the softened noodles, and those who a path of enlightenment receive the full message (both noodles and sauce).

In the final phase, those I am serving are more connected, and there is a sense of sacredness as the food is served. I use special tongs to take the food from the large container – this aerates the dish so it’s ready for consumption.

A deeper level of meaning is that this food, which has been refined from the inner, is recognized by the outer (others) as a sustenance that furthers their awakening process.

The imagery continued after this point, involving various ways to gauge what this “food” has set in motion: some good ways, some bad ways, some even more hidden levels. So I have to try to see some of this.

In the next image, I’m aware of a flow that’s being released into life and I see this as a flow of air, or an energetic, coming from a tube. I know there’s a meaningfulness to this simple image. The flow is being charted because hooked up next to this release device is a monitor that displays the effect on a graph. It’s got a little needle that’s making a chart line.

I wake up noticing that the chart line is coming down steadily, and it occurs to me that it’s becoming more and more stable

What’s going on here is that the new energy is being attuned to the outer environment as it’s released from the inner. That’s a way of saying that there’s a gauge on what’s occurring in terms of this process evolving from the earlier deep dream influence. Adjustments are made to accommodate this energy as it finds its realization in the outer world.

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